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One Day Naked 2: Day 3

OW - Naked 2 - 3 - Face 1

Day 3 of the Naked 2 Challenge, and unlike my week with the original Naked, I don’t feel like I’m stifled by this palette as much. Even though today’s look is super simple (I didn’t even curl my lashes or line my eyes), I really like it!

OW - Naked 2 - 3 - Eyes 3

I just have Verve in the inner half of my mobile lid, fading into Busted on the outer half, with the outer corner very slightly deepened by Blackout. For the lower lash line, I have Half Baked smudged all the way through with a bit of Chopper on top of Half Baked on the outer half of the lower lash line. I attempted to line my waterline with Blackout.

OW - Naked 2 - 3 - Eyes 2

I wish I took better pictures but I had an avalanche of work-related mishaps, so I couldn’t really take more time to preen in front of a camera, lol.

OW - Naked 2 - 3 - Eyes 1

OW - Naked 2 - 3 - Face 2

Face: Nature Republic Aqua Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream*
Cheeks: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in RS302
Eyebrows: Inglot Brow Powder in 569
Lips: Verikos Choc Choc Tint in Amanda Pink*

In other news, I am BREAKING OUT. I woke up to several face spots this morning. It was distressing.

Hope you’re having an awesome day so far! Check out Natalie’s look for Day 3 of the Naked 2 Challenge. 🙂

* PR Sample

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  2. I find the Naked 2 palette a lot more versatile than the first Naked palette because of the lighter colours. I really like this look! It’s so pretty and dewy.

  3. Hey Carina, oh this is interesting! I love Half Baked, but I don’t think I’ve touched the one in Naked 2 because I have no idea how to incorporate it with the other cooler shades! What you did with it here is super interesting!

    • Thank you Sunny! 🙂 I recently heard someone say it’s erroneous to call Naked 2 the cool-toned palette because of shades like Half Baked and Chopper, etc. and I thought, well, girl’s got a point. There are many warm colors here!

  4. The reason I love the Naked2 more than the original Naked palette is because I can come up with more neutral looks with it.

  5. i’ve always want to have this palette but it’s quite pricey. btw, i love your blog! it’s so nice and clean,

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