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NARS Spring 2014 High Seize Eyeshadow Duo: China Seas

So I ended up with both the eyeshadow duos released with the High Seize collection for NARS’ Spring 2014 offerings. I mean, it was bound to happen. First up is the more coveted of the two—Kauai. It’s easily the more wearable of the two, with a gold lamé and dirty orchid instead of a blue and pink.

I still haven’t gotten it, since it’s extremely backordered (what up with that, Nordstrom?), but I couldn’t wait to post China Seas. Both duos are permanent additions to NARS beautiful lineup of eyeshadow duos.

NARS - China Seas Duo

I didn’t expect to pick up the other duo—China Seas—but I ended up doing so, and boy am I glad. NARS describes this duo as an “Iridescent turquoise with gold infusion” and an “Iridescent plum.” Judging from this description, I expected to be absolutely floored by the blue shade, alas I was not. It’s a pretty turquoise, but I don’t see much gold in it. The plum, on the other hand, has a smattering of cool blue/violet sparks in it. It’s so freaking pretty, I swear.

NARS - China Seas Duo - Pan

“How on earth are you going to wear that, Carina?” you might ask. Well, smartass, it’s all in the layering…

NARS - China Seas Duo - Swatches 1

BAM! This is the blue, the plum, and the blue under the plum, swatched. Who’s unwearable now? Apart from transforming into such a beautiful bold steely purple, the resulting shade is so complex, carrying over the sparks from the plum unto itself. Here, you can see a little bit of the “gold infusion” reportedly in the turquoise shade.

NARS - China Seas Duo - Swatches 2

Even the plum looks so pretty. What does it look like on the eyes, though?

NARS China Seas Duo - Face 2

NARS China Seas Duo - Face 1

BAM! So pretty. I love this duo more than I thought I would, which is great because I thought I had lost my mind when I bought a blue/purple duo.

NARS - China Seas - Eye 1

I can’t get over the smattering of blue sparks all over! I wore this layered on the lid with the plum on the outer corner, crease and outer half of the lower lash line, and the blue on the inner half of the lower lash line.

NARS - China Seas - Eyes 2

Added some liquid liner, mascara, and a brown pencil liner smudged on top of the plum on the lower lash line, for a bit more definition as the plum leans a bit red. Score one more for NARS!

So, that’s about all that I picked up from the collection. I wasn’t really feeling anything else from it, thank the Lord. I did, however, ended up picking up the NARSissist eyeshadow palette. I mean, of course.


(I mean me.)

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  1. Hey Carina, truth be told I was NOT interested in this one at all till I saw it on you! I can wear blue but I’m not that big of a fan, and that reddish purple? Bleh. But oh my God once you layered the two it’s absolute perfection! Great job! ❤

    • Hee I love accidental discoveries like this! I am SO not a fan of blue, which is why I’m confused as to why I even have this in the first place. But no complaints here!

  2. Holy. *did not see this* Ang gandaaaaaa. And on you – even prettier! Soooo tempting. Kainis! Haha

    • Lol! Hay nako, impulse buy ito talaga. I was going to get Kauai lang then I ended up putting this in my cart and remember thinking “bahaha na!” Ignoring all the “But it’s blue!” alarms in my head. Hehe yung beach waves, basang buhok effect. :)) Thanks Shari!

  3. Oooooh! I have to buy this… I have to buy it!!! 😮 haha and it’s going to be my very first NARS duo! 🙂

    • 😀 Glad you think so! I hope they release this collection here, if they haven’t already. It’s super gorgeous.

  4. It looks so pretty! I would have shot myself for getting a blue and plum duo but then when you put it that way. It looks so nice! ^^

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