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5 Things Friday: Sheer Lipstick

In this edition of 5 Things Friday—which I bumped off to make room for some reviews last week—I have my five favorite sheer lipstick formulas, plus a bonus “almost made it in” one! I love sheer lipsticks; they are my first lipstick love. They deposit just the right amount of pigment for some fun and prettiness on your lips, but do without the traditional lipstick feel that deters a lot of people from using lipstick in the first place.

They are also super low maintenance, which is always a plus.

5 Things Friday - Sheer Lipsticks

5 Things Friday - Sheer Lipsticks Swatches

1. Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge in RS-01
This is a Japanese drugstore brand that I’m so happy I found on my trip to Osaka last year. This is such a great balmy texture with a sweet berry color, too. As is typical of Japanese lipsticks, this has quite a bit of super fine shimmer in it that translates into a high-shine jelly finish.

2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
I think this is my third Chanel lipstick, but the first encounter of their Rouge Coco Shine range. Boy is a beautiful slightly shimmer-y pinky nude that just amps up your natural lip without drawing too much attention to it. It’s low maintenance in the best way.

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum
I don’t have the best relationship with Revlon Lip Butters, but this is one of the first two ones I got and this remains a favorite. I find the Lip Butter texture to be inconsistent, but this is definitely the best one. It’s as easy to put on as a balm, and it looks like nothing special in the swatch but on your lips—BAM!—instant transformation.

4. Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Murmurings
This is a fairly new lipstick for me—and one sent to me by mistake—but it has grown to be a favorite shade and formula. It’s slick and lightweight, but gives the lips a lift and an absolutely juicy look. Succulence of Dew may be an unconventional name for a lipstick range, but it’s one that fits it to a ‘T’.

5. NARS Sheer Lipstick Vendanges
Vendanges was my signature color, which only means that I owned 3 lipsticks at the time and this was the one I used the most. It looks like a scary vampire color in the tube, but on the lips, it just gives the right amount of darkness to escape being called a lady of the night. (I mean ‘vampire’ and not ‘prostitute,’ okay?) It is absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad I tried it on my lips because that’s something I don’t really do but I had a hunch about this one.

BONUS: MAC Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer
I love MAC’s lustre lipsticks, but the formula is a bit inconsistent for me, too. These are my favorite MAC finishes and I have the most shades in this range. Sometimes they are the perfect texture and feel, other times they aren’t. But the shades I have that you should definitely check out are See Sheer, Plumful, and my first MAC shade, Jubilee.

There you have it—five fuss-free formulas for your busy life. What are your favorite sheer lipstick formulas?

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  1. Hey Carina, ahh See Sheer! That’s a pretty one (it’s a coral, doh)! I do like some sheer formulas, but for me sheer is Guerlain Rouge Automatique, Dior Dior Addict (and Addict Extreme). I guess they aren’t that sheer, but there is almost always a translucency that makes them easier to pull off!

    • I haven’t tried either! There was something off about the packaging of the Guerlain Rouge Automatiques (bullet and packaging size ratio, lol) that I never bothered to pick it up. Hmmm, would love to try both but I have lots of CF lemmings already as is. 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, I love sheer lipsticks/lip balms, too. You know I love the Revlon lip butters, and I want to like all the chubby lipbalm/lipstains because they’re so easy to apply, but the minty flavor is irritating. Lately I’ve been sheering out NYX’s lipsticks with vaseline to make my own kinda ghetto tinted lipbalms…don’t judge me 🙂

    • No judgment at all! I find dabbing a lipstick over lip balm creates a super nice sheer-lipstick effect. 🙂

  3. I have three Mac lustres (my only Mac lipsticks) see sheer, plumful, and syrup. they are all really lovely!

    • Yay! I think they are the best formula, I find the others a bit too… Lipstick-like. I want to try Syrup!

    • I love it a lot! I didn’t think I would cos it was so warm when I first swatched it, but yay, I love it. 🙂

  4. I just came by to let you know, if you didn’t already, that RBR has another sheer lipstick called “Dark JUICES” D: (caps are mine, but still! gross.) Murmurings is my favourite from that line, too 🙂

    I also love the Lavshuca DMR! Though my fave shade was RD-1.

    Have you tried the new MAC Huggables? I’m head over heels with that formula.

    • Oh no, lol, I hate that name! 😦 But the color looks really pretty. I am going to Japan in a few weeks, I shall check out RD-1 from Lavshuca 😀 I really want to try the Huggables but I also want to keep my stash small-ish. I heard the formula was LE? Is this troo? 😦

  5. Bobbi Brown Cherry Pink is my ultra favorite sheer lipstick. That, and Paul and Joe’s (the one we bought in Japan) although that’s practically nude, not even sheer. Haha.

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