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A Selection of Makeup Bits from Glory Boon

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been testing many things (they all kind of arrived at the same time…) so I have a lot of drafts in place, but only one face to test everything on, so it’s been quite a weird past few days. I’ve also been out of the house most of the time (there’s an Art Fair going on in Manila now—though today is the last day—and I’m there for a few hours everyday).


I was looking for indie companies on Etsy to support and I found my way to Glory Boon, which seems to be one of the more successful and visible ones (correct me if I’m wrong?). They have quite a bit of skin care stuff so I wanted to try those out, too. For the makeup bits, I got eyeshadow (predictably), concealer (because it seems to be their bestseller), a lip butter/gloss.

I feel predictable, but here, I bought the Chicka Chicka eyeshadow, since it looked good for everyday, like a warm & bright neutral.

Glory Boon - Chika Chika Eyeshadow

I hate the packaging though. This is how it was packaged. Yes, it’s a standard pot/tub for loose eyeshadow, but the label is a) incorrectly named, b) printed on weird paper hanging on a string, taped to the lid.

Glory Boon - Chika Chika Eyeshadow - Swatch

It’s rather pretty, though, I’ll give it that. The texture is nice, though nothing remarkable. It’s kind of an orangey brown, but nothing too loud. Here I am, wearing it on my lid with Oslo Cosmetics’ Voltanis on the outer corner & outer crease, and mascara & purple liner:

Glory Boon - Chika Chika Eyeshadow - Face

As much as I like it, I find it quite expensive at $ 9.99 when there are a lot of indie companies that sell more remarkable colors at a cheaper price.

Glory Boon - Heal and Conceal

Next up is the Heal & Conceal ($12), a “natural cover-up.” As far as I can tell, they only have one shade that blends into all skin colors. I got this because it an item that has been featured in the press, lol. So I wanted to see what the big deal is.

Glory Boon - Heal and Conceal - Tube

It comes in an oval twist-up tube, like a squished Chap Stick. It’s pretty easy to use and dispense. The texture is on the drier side, but I think that’s to be expected since it’s in stick form.

Glory Boon - Heal and Conceal - Swatch

The color is a bit too cool for my skin tone, but it works great under the eyes. I can blend it alright, but it’s not my favorite concealer to use, since it can turn ashy. I can’t seem to use it for blemishes.

I’m wearing it here, under the eyes and on some blemishes (you can still see them):
Glory Boon - Chai Tea Face

Glory Boon - Lip Butter and Gloss

Last but not the least, I got a Lip Gloss in Heaven ($ 9.99). It’s “pink with a hint of purple” and grape-scented, which is my favorite artificial fruit scent/flavor. The gloss comes in a little tin container which I find both cute and annoying.

Glory Boon - Lip Butter and Gloss - Heaven - Swatch

The tint is very, very light and slight. I think this is my favorite makeup bit that I bought. I’m wearing it (as well as the concealer) here:
Femme Fatale - Sugar Rush, The Masquerade, Lady of the Red - Face

I’m confused as to why this is called a lip gloss, though. At most, it’s a tinted lip balm, not necessarily a gloss. It gives a bit of a sheen, not much of a shine or a “gloss.” I love using this and smelling grapes, though. Ahhhh.

I think one of the most annoying things about this brand is that the packaging is a little inconsistent. Glory Boon seems to be a company that wants to be seen as one that’s on the top tier of indie companies. I feel that the packaging doesn’t reflect that currently.

I do have a few skin care bits from them as well, and I’m trying to formulate my thoughts on them now. I think that I prefer their skin care stuff more, though, generally.

Have you tried anything from Glory Boon? Do share!

Glory Boon is cruelty-free.

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  1. xbeautyandbeyondx says

    Ahhh, I find ‘tins’ of lip stuff annoying too… I’m not always in a position to wash my hands prior to applying, and the idea of dipping an unclean finger in there is just ‘ick’ – then, you have product on your finger, so it’s also necessary to have a tissue or wet-wipe to clean it off. I basically avoid any lip product in this style of packaging these days.

    I haven’t tried Glory Boon, as I’m in Australia… just checked out their website, no intenational shipping, so I guess I won’t be trying them anytime soon 🙂

      • xbeautyandbeyondx says

        Exactly, so then you need to carry tissues or a wet wipe… and then when you use those items, what if you’re not near a bin!? Do you carry the dirty tissue/wet wipe with you? See, too much drama… waaaay too much drama for some lip gloss LOL x

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