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5 Things Friday: Heroic “Extras”

5TF - Extras

Todays 5 Things Friday features some extras in my routine that actually make a big difference. I call them extras because they’re not necessary steps to my routine, though they make a ton of difference.

1. MAC Fix+
This is essentially a setting spray to lock in your makeup, but you can also spray this on before makeup application or use it to apply your eyeshadows wet. I know there are many dupes around, but this is the one I have.

2. Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Lash Growth
This is a pricier version of the many lash growth serums that have become widely available, but it’s the one that’s suited to my sensitive eyes and it actually works! I can do without it, but no one in their right mind would say ‘no’ to slightly longer lashes.

3. Sara Happ Lip Scrub
Again, something easily duplicated with the right DIY recipe. I don’t use scrubs that often, but when I do, my lips—and lipstick application—always thank me.

4. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
I got this as a Sephora 100-pt. perk and use it before applying concealer if my under-eye area looks especially dry. Lately, I’ve been trying it out as a night treatment. It helps with fine lines and cakey concealer.

5. Le Métier de Beauté Eye Brightening and Setting Powder in Refresh
This has been a great companion when I started wearing concealer more regularly. It sets the concealer and deposits the most subtle brightening pigment that also helps me out when my concealer is a bit too dark.

What are your heroic extras?

Also, just a heads up: I’ll be queuing a few posts because I’m going to Japan today. Brace yourself for more excellent Japanese makeup! Maybe, hehe.

MAC and Bobbi Brown do not test on animals except when required by law.

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  1. badgalrayray says

    MAC Fix+ is definitely a heroic extra for me. Especially during hot days in the ph, which is practically everyday. I hope you have a safe flight!

      • badgalrayray says

        Lately since the weather has been scorching, I use before and after my makeup to refresh my face.

  2. I have two bottles of Fix+ because I stupidly broke the head of the first one 😦 I love it, though!

    • Hi Claire, I don’t know where you’re based, but I purchased this from Nordstrom, I think. If you’re based in Manila or the Philippines, check Beauty Bar.

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