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Quickie: One Way I Wear a Bold Lip

FOTD - Lady of the Lake - Face

Whenever I get the urge to wear a bold lip color, I remember to try and keep my face minimal but clean. What do I mean by that?

Well, I mostly use colors and techniques that aren’t bold so that they don’t contend or clash with my already dramatic lip. In this photo, I’m wearing a beautiful, super-opaque vampy red lipstick that has strong purple tones by Addiction called Lady in the Lake.

I left my brows natural and defined, kept my eye makeup neutral and defined, and focused on making my base as flawless and spotless as I could. The cheeks are also quite understated, again so as not to detract from the red lip.

Et voilà! A easy look done with minimal effort, but one that packs a punch and makes a statement.

What’s your favorite way to wear a bold lip?

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  1. I usually wear a bold lip with a bare face. Kill me now (?). It’s my ultimate lazy girl makeup.

      • Really. I’m happy you think that way 😛

        I often receive comments that I should at least define my brows and apply eyeliner or mascara.

      • I think only beauty nuts would notice the “imbalance” of a bare face and a bold lip, but I think it’s passable for most people. Haha

  2. What is your face it is beautiful and flawless. /creepy
    Seriously, explain your base please 🙂

    • OH HEY! I think this is just a primer + NARS RCC + Hourglass in Dim Light maybe? Not even sure if I have foundation here. I don’t remember wearing it on the day I wore this dress~ Haha

  3. Hey Carina, gosh your skin looks flawless! Most of the time I keep the rest minimum if I want to wear a bold lip as well!

    • Oh hey, thank you, Sunny! 🙂 I don’t think my face can handle a lot of makeup, so I’ve found it was best to pick a feature to accentuate and leave the rest simple 🙂

  4. Why must you look so good in dark lip colors?? It’s unfair, leave some gorgeous for the rest of us 😛

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