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Caolion Pore White Cake Pack*

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Tub

The Caolion Pore White Cake Pack* is one of the first things I tried from this month’s BNT Box. I’m a mask nut, so I was so eager to try this out especially after a few days of traveling.

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Cover

“Where is pore?” I thought this was a cute touch, on the lid.

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Inside Tub 2

The product itself is very thick. As you can see, it retains its super cute whipped shape even after traveling in a box from Korea to Manila. The mask is opaque and white, with a bit of grainy bits inside. The smell is quite menthol-y, but not 100% refreshing.

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Inside Tub 1

Near the name of the product, it claims to be “whitening & anti-wrinkle,” but from an online reseller (which is how this seems to be available), here are the product claims:
— Tightening stretched pores
— Cooling off exhausted pores from the heat
— Brightening dark skin tone
— Restoring elasticity on the skin

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Instructions

There wasn’t a lot of English text on the packaging, which is why I appreciated this little diagram. Even if I didn’t know what I put on my face, at least I knew how to apply it!

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Sample

The product is quite paste-like and a bit of a challenge to work into your skin quickly, if you want an even layer of the mask. After waiting 10-15 minutes, you can wash it all off. It was harder than usual to wash off, requiring me to sort of wipe away the product with a wet hand.

The sensation of the mask on the skin is very cooling and quite refreshing. It doesn’t tighten around the skin or dry up the way clay usually does.

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - Before
Before the mask application.

Caolion - Pore White Cake Pack - After
After the mask application.

Most of the reviews and websites I’ve seen claim that the effects of this mask should be immediate. I personally didn’t see a lot of change with it in terms of tightening my pores, but I’m a skeptic when it comes to pores and their downsizement. Which is to say I don’t think it’s possible.

The appearance of my pores were greatly camouflaged, I think, and the redness on my face also went away, but I do think that for the most part, my pores are the same size. This is just a great way to make them look less obvious.

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge!

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge!

* PR Sample, part of the BNT Girls program.


  1. One tip before rinsing off the mask spray a little toner or thermal water to soften it, like that it should remove much easier. Looks like a good result from the after pic they do look refined even if only temporary. And I agree once you have pores nothing not even surgery will really get rid of them. Great review. Steph x

    • Oooh, thanks! 🙂 The texture of this is a bit stubborn, but it’s not that hard to remove. Just takes a bit of work. 🙂

  2. “Where is Pore?” Adorable. Once you find Pore…not so adorable.

    The mask seems like it could be somewhat refreshing, but I agree there hasn’t been a pore minimizing product that’s really been effective yet! I do like this benefit though: “Cooling off exhausted pores from the heat.” It’s like, yeah I have to work day and night to finish these articles, but pores? You just relax by the pool and let’s get you a cocktail menu.”

    • I know, why are you looking for the pores?

      I don’t think you CAN actually minimize pores. I remember Krysty writing a post about that a few months back. Haha I like that thought, but I don’t have a pool. Rats!

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