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I did it! I got a Brazilian


Step away from this post if you’ve got issues with pubes and the annihilation of them. Or just my general crassness.

I went to Wink Laser & Wax Studio, which I have been frequenting for my hair removal needs for the past couple of months. I usually just get my legs done, because they’re the unslightliest parts of my body, at least where “excess hair” is concerned. However, I thought long and hard about just taking the plunge and trying out a Brazilian wax, which I’ve never done prior to this post.

A Brazilian wax basically entails a full removal of hair in the pubic region. It gained popularity back when I was too young to even think about it, and I’ve successfully stayed away from the treatment since then. Well, until now, obviously. A Brazilian wax at Wink will set you back Php 680.

You see, I didn’t really see the point. I’m not so iffy about, hmm. Bushiness. But when the mind latches onto something, it’s kind of hard to shake that idea off. So, I went to see what the big deal was. I made a deal with my therapist to start off with a bikini wax (just kind of trimming everything so that no hair peeks out of a bikini) and then graduate into a Brazilian if I don’t feel like dying.

Well, it turns out that I have a pretty high threshold of pain. As is customary with Wink Wax sessions, your skin is prepped with Jasmine Oil, and a sanitary environment is readied for you to not feel mucky. I did find the temperature a bit uncomfortable, but that’s the thing with my pain triggers—I can handle quite a bit of pain, but if my body is recovering, i.e. throbbing sore from the pain of waxing, I don’t like having it poked, prodded, or touched. (Which is why I don’t know if I will ever get a tattoo, but that’s another story.)

As for a stranger nosing in on your privates… I just didn’t dwell on it. It ceases to be awkward after a while. Anyway. I left a ‘landing strip,’ because I didn’t really feel like “going all the way.” Technically, it’s still a Brazilian, I think. I don’t feel quite right without even a small amount of pubes, to be honest, so the smooth, hair-free parts are enough strangeness for me.

I scoffed at the idea of a Brazilian wax, but after having it done, actually does feel a bit cleaner. It was great that I got to try it out at Wink, too, since I have been extremely impressed with the quality of their services so far. I don’t know if I’ll be back for seconds, but now I at least know what to expect.

This service was provided free of charge. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I would dearly love to try Brazilian as I like a clean feeling private area. At the risk of adding even more TMI to your post, I do shave that region (and woe betide me when the hair regrows!!). It’s only that idea of a stranger peering in makes me so uncomfortable. I’m surprised though, I thought a Brazilian would cost so much more than that!

  2. You know what!! I’ve been wanting to try this out as well, but haven’t done so because I have dermatographic urticaria… whenever I get my legs waxed it looks reeeally gross + it gets super itchy. So having that place waxed is a biiit. Also, having a stranger see that area doesn’t sit very well with me.. hmm. I do want to try though!! Maybe I’ll do the thing you did and start with a bikini wax.

    Thank you for this post btw!! I’ve read a ton of posts about this but no one really talks about the awkward parts, haha ❤

    • It wasn’t that awks, don’t worry. 🙂 re growth is usually itchy for me rin, but it’s going pretty well for me right now. So far, anyway.

  3. As some one that does the waxing, trust me ladies we dont care about peering into your lady area…


    And as a girl that’s been waxed, lasered and used the trusty razor, I think laser is such a great option, it hurt me more than wax but the results are so much better. Steph x

    • Hahaha thanks Steph! I had no idea that you waxed! Do people get weird about it? Hehe.

      Thanks for the input. 🙂

      • I do all sorts of treatments 🙂 no not really I think alot of them have been waxing for so long that they don’t give it a second thought, and I rarely get asked by a first timer.

  4. Congratulations on popping your Brazilian cherry!

    When I was low on funds in NY, I’d give myself a Brazilian with a home kit (as far as I could go, because flexibility is not my forte). Will spare the details, but never again. A rare few can do it, but I am surprised, and very lucky, I didn’t do more harm than I did!

    When I did have the funds, I’d go to these super nonchalant Eastern European women who were deadset on removing every follicle of hair and would push and tug your lady parts in anyway necessary to get the job done. They just treated the whole thing like NBD. I really liked that – it helped me get over any gripes about waxing because it’s really just business, and my vagina is like the 2349843th one they have seen. Unless I happen to lay a golden egg in the middle of the session, it ain’t that special.

    The most uncomfortable – and, ironically, the most expensive – session I had was in Ohio. The technicians would apply wax so gingerly, as if afraid of hurting me, that it only served to terrify me more. And then they’d always leave a little behind and I was convinced they were too grossed out about my vagina to finish the job 😦

    • HAHAHA it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be! OMG. I don’t think I could ever do that to myself, though, but I commend your bravery and commitment to DIY.

      NYC = 1, OH = 0. But I get what you mean. Them being cautious makes you panic whereas the ladies who take charge make you feel like they know what you’re doing. How dare they leave behind little follicles! Get it together, Ohio!

  5. Hahaha, I used to do this once every month. Now, I just use a wireless trimmer (actually a beard trimmer, haha) bought and used specifically for the purpose of clipping the hairs on that area 😛 I like it better because it feels clean enough even though there’s a few millimeters of hair left and I don’t get ingrown 😛

  6. I started getting Brazilians last year but it gets so expensive after a while! I recently stopped going and started shaving again… -_- It’s not working out for me. Regrowth after waxing is fine but after shaving, it’s hell (for me at least). I had a friend who signed up for a years worth of laser removal and I’m considering it now. I went to a wax studio in LA (Lay Bare) that did sugar waxing for $15 USD, it was so cheap and didn’t hurt as bad. If that studio had more chains, I would be sold on waxing every month. Unfortunately, they’re not in my area 😦 BUT I think they have some locations near you! Anyways, I’m glad you posted this, I wish I would have known it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Haha.

    • We’re super lucky that services like that are pretty decently-priced here. I hate shaving and I’ve sworn off it for a while now. I hope a Lay Bare opens near you soon! Also, I did IPL on my pits (haha) a couple of years ago and it was one of the best things I did, so I imagine laser treatments would be a worthwhile investment for you!

  7. I find waxing better than shaving based on experience. I would love to get lasered though as Wink claims it to be almost painless 😀

    • Eek, I would never shave! I have had terrible experience with shaving in general D: Haha I’d go for the laser if it really is pain-free! 🙂

  8. I am scared of this procedure and having someone else see my Vajayjay! 😀 But, I want to try it and laser, if I have the money. 🙂

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