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5 Things Friday: Makeup to Try This Spring

Quite a late 5 Things Friday this week, but I really wanted to put one up so I cobbled this post together. When it comes to spring makeup, I know most people revert to pastels. However, most pastels can look horrible on some people (i.e. me), so I’ve resorted to looking for other ways to incorporate springy-ness to my looks.

In this humidity, dewy skin seems to be the only option for base makeup, whether or not you wear any. Sometimes, it tiptoes over to the side of greasy, but if you’re lucky (or within the vicinity of decent airconditioning), you can keep it dewy and soft.


This is actually not something I have tried wearing out yet, but with the bombardment of bright orange lips all over the Internet, it’s becoming more appealing.


I think this is a soft and bold way to brighten up and define your eyes. It’s pretty simple to do, too, and matches pretty much anything else you want to do with your face.


This almost looks like as though your face is touched by spring! I love the soft pinkiness, without having to go full-on pastel. It’s a great neutral look that just ups your radiance and makes your face bloom.


This photo is from an Illamasqua video from last year. The strong blush was created by a blusher duo they released using a soft apricot blush and a hot pink blush. Mixing two colors together creates dimension and complexity–perfect to wear this spring if you don’t want to stick to boring light pinks.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.04.29 PM

What trends are you looking to try out this season?


  1. I’m definitely going to be trying out the orange lipstick, and the pink eyeshadow is a trend that’s going to suit most skin tones. I love using the pink shades in Naked 3

    • Funny, I know most people shy away from pink eyeshadow! I’ll brave the orange lipstick. One of these days!

  2. LOVE orange lips! They just go so well with tanned skin imo. Lately I’ve been going for softer skin (with the BRTC Jasmine powder) and a ton of highlighter 😉

    • Ackkk its way too hot here for highlighter, I think. Which is a shame cos I want to highlight the heck out of my face! I am so scared of orange lips, though. Lol I don’t even go near warm reds!

  3. Ahhhh all those photos are gorgeous! I especially love that pink eyeshadow it looks so warm and pretty.

  4. I told myself that I’ll try an orange lip sometime this year. I was too scared to do the full jump so I got a sheer coral lipstick to start with. 😀

  5. I used to wear pink eyeshadow when it wasn’t even summer/spring yet. (Sorry for not following seasons hehe) Then nagsawa ako 😐 lols… This post made me wanna revive my love for it. :))

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