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My Spring/Summer Makeup Base

Most days, I like to keep it light already, but as the hotter weather rolls around, cutting down products becomes serious business. Before I broiled in the heat of the sun, I used to be able to just go out in concealer and a finishing powder, but the sun’s rays have a way of bringing out SPF-induced paranoia.

My priority is great sun protection for the face. I picked this up in Japan—the Suncut Water in UV Protect Essence—but it’s essentially a water-based face sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA++++. It dries down really well, which is great because I hate feeling gunky in the summer heat. That’s my spring skin care tip, too—don’t forget the sunscreen!

I go in with my concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger), which I set with a powder (Le Métier de Beauté Eye Brightening and Setting Powder in Refresh). The problem with the sunscreen is that it leaves the skin a little greasy-looking. That’s when I go in with a light layer of mineral foundation (Ellana Minerals Loose Foundation in Caramel Latte).

I never feel quite as done as when I brush a finishing powder all over my base. One of my favorites to use in these sunnier months is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light.

Then, I like to keep the rest of my makeup pretty simple. I’m pretty into the idea of bright lips right now, for some reason. Sometimes it scares me how much my brain gives in to the power of suggestion. Darn you, trend-makers!

What’s your spring/summer makeup base like?

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  1. nataliamae87 says

    I love Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder for the summer, too. I’ve also been trying out Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream w/ SPF 35, which has been great so far!

  2. I couldn’t really use any liquid bases these days; I miss my usual bb creams but they just melt right off. I use an ultra sheer sunblock and Ellana Minerals loose foundie, and that’s basically my go-to combination these days.

    • Have you tried setting them with a powder? I have been wearing liquid bases sometimes, too, but I mostly stick with powders.

  3. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out for the past weeks, haha. I need to wear long-wearing base for work shenanigans (and peace of mind), so had to shop around for a lighter formulation that still won’t melt. Had to find sunscreen that lets my face breathe, too. I’ve basically been SPF-ing and waterproofing the bejeebies out of everything these days.

    It’s all actually very fun, because I have an excuse to buy more gloop for my face. Still: Damn our proximity to the equator!

    • HI SASHAAAA. It’s fun because it feels so fulfilling when you find a combination that actually works! Grabe, I hate having to deal with sunscreen though; it’s usually so oily-greasy!

  4. I’ve been using my Jane Iredale products, either the BB cream or tinted moisturizer. For some reason, when most people hit powders for the summer, I prefer to use liquid and cream formulas. They just feel less cakey on the face.

    • When I wear cream or liquid, it just feels so suffocating on the face so I don’t like to wear them that much. I don’t experience much caking when I use powders, but then I don’t really tend to go full coverage or heavy on the face base in the first place.

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