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FOTD: I Wore Carrots Out

Riviera Face

& I got a haircut.

Ooooh! Aaaah! I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but I mostly like it? Gotta figure out how to wear it, though. The top knot, I realize now, is the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle, and I’ve relinquished my lazy shortcuts by cutting. my. hair. AHHH.

Ahem. So the lipstick. I actually wore an orange-y lipstick out. I can’t explain it; I got the urge to do it, so I did! And guess what? It wasn’t the end of the world. Imagine that. Phew.

(It is Le Métier de Beauté’s Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Riviera.)

I have this weird “aversion” to oranges. Even warm reds scare the bejesus out of me. The rest of my face is just a serum, a loose foundation, bronzer, eyebrows, a cream shadow, and liner.

What can I say? I was rushing out of the house. I guess that made me just bite the bullet and go for the orange. I think I mostly like it, too?

What’s one lipstick color you don’t think you can pull off? Maybe try it one of these days. 🙂

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  1. YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING x.x I died.
    I think I tend to avoid pinks in general but especially light pinks, which is justified because they look blehh on me, like I’m some sort of dead Barbie. Horrible. But that looks gorgeous on you so why worry? 🙂

  2. Purple. I’m terrified of purples… Any shade of it, lavender, deep purples… I think the closest I can get is a plum :-/ Other than that, I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT! I got a bob a few years ago and it was such a change, I couldn’t keep up the styling but it was really fun and lighter/cooler for summer. Orange looks great on you, looks like you didn’t have too much to worry about, I hope you continue wearing orange more!

    • I think I can do plums, and deep vampy purples, too, but other than that… Thanks, Mariko! I think I’m going to be compulsively “getting a trim” for a while.

  3. I like your hair! I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair off too because I NEVER style it because I just can’t be arsed. Congrats for being so bold! You look good in this lipstick, although it looks more red than orange in the photo. I personally don’t think I can pull off reds, I much prefer oranges haha

    • RIGHT? I feel so hair-dumb. I’m not sure how to style this haircut, though. I have a hard time with reds, too. They need to be much deeper than regular reds.

  4. Purprly colors for me too. Granted, I’ve never tried them, but for some reason I feel it’d look really odd on me. I guess I feel it’s way unnatural of a lip color for me to feel comfortable with it on my face 😉 Surprisingly, orange I can do easily! And I’ve recently discovered that neutral-to-warm reds suit me better as well.

    I love your haircut btw! 🙂 Sassy!

  5. Kate says

    Your haircut suits you!! Warning though, it can get addicting. Haha well that’s what happened to me. Ever since I cut my hair, I kept it short for more than a year now. And may I just say, BA’T ANG KINIS MO.

    • Thanks, Kate! I want to chop more hair off as I type, so I think you’re on to something. Haha. Salamat!

  6. Nice summer hair, Carina!

    I think this looks really hot on you! With your skin tone, orange should be a piece of cake!

    I have an aversion to brownish and beige-y shades. Those make me look so ill!

    • Hahaha I don’t think I can pull those off either! Purple is pretty common, but I still don’t feel drawn to purple lips!

  7. Ayyiiii you are so cute with short hair! And orange is fine though I think you might be averse because it tends to look really bright on all skin tones? Well you look radiant in this shade 🙂

    • Thank you, Telleh! ❤ I think I'm usually wary of brights/unnatural shades like orange and purple!

  8. That was how I felt when I wore an apricot orange lipstick. Yes, my teeth look a lot yellower but, it’s not the end of the world. Hahaha

  9. Oooh. You look great! And orange looks so good on you. =)

    I can’t do pale lip colours, I don’t dare go near them at all. =/ They completely wash me out.

    • Thank you! I get what you mean, and I can’t do SUPER pale stuff, either. I’d go for a nude that suits my skin tone, though. 🙂

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