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Makeup Inventory: Addiction Cheek Sticks

Presenting… my latest iteration of my Addiction Cheek Stick inventory. These are possibly some of my favorite makeup bits ever, and I’m trying really hard not to buy everything from the range. If you aren’t familiar, Cheek Sticks are multi-purpose products by Japanese brand, Addiction by Ayako. Ayako was a makeup artist that worked closely with François Nars (of NARS, duh), which probably explains a lot of the brand’s aesthetic direction.

MUI - Addiction Cheek Sticks - Open 2

Cheek Sticks can be used on the cheeks, lips, and even eyes (though they are not crease-free). In a span of a year, I have amassed five different shades, all of which I love. From lightest to darkest, I have African Sunset, Tea Rose, Rose Bar (my newest one!), Revenge (my first one!), and Suspicious. They are swatched in the same order below:

MUI - Addiction Cheek Sticks - Swatches

The most versatile one, in my opinion, is Rose Bar, though I am able to use Revenge pretty much anywhere also. It’s just a less agreeable color than Rose Bar. Tea Rose was a fast favorite and was in rotation for a while. I foresee African Sunset as a summer staple. Suspicious looks scary, but it’s actually really pretty on the cheeks.

MUI - Addiction Cheek Sticks - Open 1

Although they are multi-purpose products, I like them best used as cheek colors. Some of the shades, like Suspicious, are too dry on the lips. I don’t generally use them for the eyes since they aren’t crease-proof and I have similar shades of eye makeup anyway.

If you like the idea of multi-purpose products, tune in later this week when I post some of my favorite ones!

Addiction by Ayako is only available in counters all over Japan, though Ichibankao sells them at a significant markup (incl. postage) online.

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    • Hey, I don’t have their animal testing policy (I emailed them but they never responded), but they’re owned by Kosé, a Japanese brand that is not cruelty-free.

  1. Ive never seen anything like these, they are gorgous. I thought they was lipsticks when the photo came up on the reader but wow I want them alllllll. Steph x

    • I love Addiction packaging T^T I don’t think I’ve used Tea Rose on the lips. I have never had the urge :))

  2. Wow, those really do sound versatile! I love that it’s in lipstick bullet form, that is so cool! The colors you’ve acquired are really nice too.

    • Thanks, Mariko! I find the size to be awesome for ease of use. The NARS multiples seem to be quite large?

  3. Cool. The product might even be inspired by Nars (the Nars multiples) although I’m not sure if those can be used for the eyes.

    • I think they can be. 🙂 Pero oo nga no! The multiples, prior to the matte release, are usually shimmery, though. Which is probably why I don’t have any!

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