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Hello Waffle Cosmetics: The Tangled/Persinette Collection

I first heard of Hello Waffle Cosmetics from the subreddit, Indiemakeupandmore. The owner, Christine, is a user there and was offering a blogger discount since she was just setting up her shop. I bought a sampler pack of the Tangled collection (now renamed The Persinette Collection), as well as a tinted lip balm (Crookshanks, renamed Ginger Kitties). Christine gave me a sample of Polyp as well, which I found to be extremely generous. 🙂

But, for now, I will focus on the eyeshadows.

Hello Waffle - Tangled Collection

I honestly didn’t realize that there were a total of sixteen shades in this collection. I’ve swatched them in two parts, in the order that they were packed. Now, it took me a while to get this package and put this post up, but it turns out Christine did end up cutting some colors out of the collection. I’ll put the shades as old name/new name, in case you want to buy any of the shades.

Hello Waffle - Tangled Collection - Swatches 1
Swatched, L-R: Magic Hair/Fey, Mother Knows Best/Enchantress, Now I See the Light/12th, Immortality/Thorns, Golden Flower/Golden Stairs, Eugene/Prince, My New Dream/A Tight Dress, White Shells

My favorite shades in this part are probably Mother Knows Best/Enchantress, Immortality/Thorns, Eugene/Prince, and My New Dream/A Tight Dress. (Shade descriptions later in this post.)

Hello Waffle - Tangled Collection - Swatches 2
Swatched, L-R: Brothers/Wastelands, Floating Lanterns/Ethereal Voice, Frying Pan/Tower, The Smolder/Cravings, Gothel/Escape, The Crown, The Lost Princess/Rapunzel, Maximus/Silk

My favorite shades in this set are Brothers/Wastelands, The Smolder/Cravings, and Maximus/Silk. Frying Pan/Tower is, by far, the easiest to use in full opacity.

Shade Descriptions:

  • Magic Hair/Fey is a “shimmering golden apricot with rosy undertones.”
  • Mother Knows Best/Enchantress is a “shimmery copper leaning purple.”
  • Now I See the Light/12th is a “dark mauve shimmer.”
  • Immortality/Thorns is “black with darkened gold shimmer.”
  • Golden Flower/Golden Stairs is a “peach with golden shimmer.”
  • Eugene/Prince is a “dirty bronze shimmer” and is the smoothest of this lot.
  • My New Dream/A Tight Dress is a “vibrant purple shimmer with blue-ish undertones” and quite pretty.
  • White Shells is a “light shimmery taupe with a hint of bronze.” discontinued
  • Brothers/Wastelands is a “brownish red with yellow sparkle.”
  • Floating Lanterns/Ethereal Voice is a “warm purple with noticeable golden shimmer.”
  • Frying Pan/Tower is a “deep blue-gray shimmer”
  • The Smolder/Cravings is a “dark purple shimmer with gold sparkle.”
  • Gothel/Escape is a “dark blue shimmer with gold sparkle,” which is a blue that I didn’t really see much at all. Christine said that it “leans teal in different applications,” but it comes off as a very dark grey to me.
  • The Crown is a “sheer shimmery pale pink.” discontinued
  • The Lost Princess/Rapunzel is a “sheer warm pink shimmer.”
  • Maximus/Silk is a “sparkly metallic purple,” named after the misunderstood horse.

Since this is just a first impressions, post, I don’t have much to say about the quality of the eyeshadows yet, though I plan on using them for looks soon. I love the shades, though I think that it could have been edited a bit more since a lot of them seem to be similar enough. I don’t have a clear idea of the “color story” of the collection, though I do find each shade to be a cute reminder of what aspect of the story they were supposed to represent.

Now, it took me a while to get this package and put this post up, but it turns out Christine did end up cutting some colors out of the collection, both of which were what I felt to be redundant.

In terms of quality, I did run into some unblended pigment here:

Hello Waffle - Tangled Collection - Unblended Pigment 2

A few white spots

Hello Waffle - Tangled Collection - Unblended Pigment 1

A few black spots

Nothing to fuss about, really. I’ve used Golden Flower/Golden Stairs, Mother Knows Best/Enchantress and Brothers/Wastelands, I think, but like I said, I don’t have an opinion on the collection as a whole just yet.

I recommend ordering through Christina, though. She is quite lovely, and her collections, so far, are so much fun, especially if you love fairy tales and stories. She has one on Frozen/The Snow Queen (The Snedronningen Collection), and Alice in Wonderland (The Painted Flowers Collection).

You can find her shop, Hello Waffle Cosmetics, here or on Etsy.

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  1. They’re all so pretty and I love the names!

    I wonder, how do you store them? You put them in pots and label them? 🙂

    • No 😦 I don’t have enough pots haha. I just leave them in the packets and hope I remember to use them hahaha.

  2. They look so cute and shimmery, I havent seen powders packaged like that though, im guessing you will pot them like barry m? I like to soo how they are when you review them in looks 🙂 Steph x

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