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5 Things Friday: My Favorite Multi-Purpose Products

On the spotlight for today’s 5 Things Friday are some of my favorite multi-purpose products. They’re basically things you can use for more than one thing. There’s just something awesome about being able to use one thing many different ways.

For the makeup bits, here are two products that can be used for the cheeks, the lips, and the eyes: the Addiction Cheek Stick and the OCC Creme Colour Concentrate. I haven’t tried the BECCA Beach Tint on my eyes, but it’s a great lip and cheek product, too. All three remain steadfast favorites in my makeup swamp. Next up, I’ve got bareMinerals Liner Shadow, which I actually primarily use on my eyebrows. It’s a great deep matte brown for both liner and shadow, too. Last but not the least, my tin of the cult favorite Smith’s Rosebud Salve. What can’t this little pot do? I don’t like it as a lip moisturizer, but I use it on dry, irritated spots and my gross cuticles. I have read many other different uses (i.e. hair wax? Pimple treatment?!), so I may have to give those a try.

What are your favorite multi-purpose products?


  1. Gracie says

    My favorite other uses for rosebud salve, aside from the obvious lip moisturizing (hello matte lipsticks!) are: 1) on mosquito bites (somehow it magically makes them stop itching!) and 2) eye makeup remover (when I’m very very desperate, I put some on tissue and wipe off). For these reasons, I panic when I don’t have it with me. :p

    • Yay, thanks Gracie! I do actually occasionally use it for mosquito bites, but wow, thanks for the makeup remover tip!

      • Gracie says

        I only use it in dire situations (i.e. 12 hours later- why has my eye makeup migrated to my now pronounced eyebags??) but it cleans those up better than water 🙂

  2. I really want to try BECCA Beach tint! I love Rosebud Salve, always have some in my purse.

    • BECCA Beach Tints are great but tend to be on the sheer side, so I have learned to pick the not-so-light shades. 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting more NARS multiples for that reason, although any matte contouring powder could be used as a bronzer/contouring powder, crease eye shadow, eye liner, brow shade. I’m on the look out for a shade like that 🙂 I have Orgasm but it’s a bit too pale to use on the lips (it might be nice to add a little shimmer though) and I haven’t used it on eyes either.

    My favorite multi-use beauty thing would probably have to be coconut oil or olive oil, I love using olive oil as a pre-shower hair treatment but coconut oil is great as a lotion or night/eye cream and to slick down my hair fly aways. I used coconut oil as a shaving lotion once and didn’t like it for that :-/ Oil pulling was ok but again, not my favorite.

    • I saw the matte multiples and the browns just look weirdly warm-toned and light! For me, anyway.

      Thanks for the tip! I think coconut oil is great, but I could never stand the smell!

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