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MUJI Bits I picked up last month

MUJI bits

The MUJI beauty corner is a place I’ve always wanted to explore but never quite did. I was under the impression that they are cruelty-free, but when I went to Google and double-check, I couldn’t find my source anymore and the top hit was my blog. As such, I’ve decided to revamp my cruelty-free beauty page (it’s in the works!) and reassess my values when it comes to consumption.

I just wanted to quickly share some bits I picked up from MUJI, though. I’m not sure if they’re CF—they have a whole issue of selling shark fin soup (???) which I do not support—so please keep that in mind when reading through this post.

Because of SPF paranoia, I got myself a UV Makeup Base, which has SPF 28 PA++. That’s pretty much all I understand from the packaging, but I tested its color and it seems to be a decent match. I also got two of these Medicated Lip Creams, which were pretty cheap (around ¥ 200ish) and have SPF 12. For lip products, I grabbed this twist-up lip tint (dark pink), which offers SPF 13 PA++, and this refillable lipstick (A53) which actually feels pretty good on the lips. I surprisingly like the latter one tons better, which is kind of annoying because it’s the one that doesn’t have SPF.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this post. While everything I picked up was pretty great, I really, truly thought that MUJI’s beauty stuff was cruelty-free. Now, I’m conflicted! Anyway, now you know. In the full interest of keeping things transparent here and whatnot.

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    • Yes! I don’t think they sell their beauty products in the UK stores. I could be wrong? But they’re not on their website!

  1. I never heard about MUJI before… I like the idea of a uv base im very sun scared myself… On the rare times I do hit the beach I insist on having an umbrella to shade my face. It’s also great the lip products have an spf too so many brands tend to leave it out. Steph

    • Yeah, I wonder why they just don’t put it on everything, heh. It can’t alter the formulation that much… can it? You know those acrylic drawers that people use for makeup all the time? Those are from Muji. 🙂

      • 🙂 spf tends to make formulas thicker whiter an oily… that’s why products never normally have higher than 20.

        Good to know about the acrylic draws 🙂

  2. I have their toning water (w/c i used religiously before pampalamig lang haha!) and finished up a bottle of their cleansing oil (light but works pretty well!) 🙂

    • I have the light toning water din! I use it if I still feel yucky after cleansing haha.

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