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Weekend Spa Session: Dermal Collagen Essence Masks*

Dermal Masks

Late last month, I received a package from Barbi Chan (!), makeup artist and editor of BDJ Box’s Beauty Ministry. You can learn more about her here. (She has a lot of helpful beauty tips.)

Inside the package were 5 of the 29 “flavors” of the Dermal Collagen Essence Masks*, which have been awarded as the best facial mask in Korea. The masks are specially formulated with high quality ingredients that penetrate the skin effectively to deliver essential nutrients. The 29 different flavors moisturize, clarify, regenerate, brighten, and firm according to what your skin needs.

All flavors contain collagen and Vitamin E, which are both widely known as beneficial to the skin. The essence is a no-rinse formula. You can tissue it off before applying your makeup, or massage the remaining essence into your face before following up with your usual night cream. Using it before makeup application preps the skin. You can also use them cold (leave unopened mask in the fridge) to de-stress your skin or warm (soak unopened mask in hot water) to encourage circulation.

I’m a mask nut, and I was pleased to note that the essence of each mask is just right, in terms of amount. Often, I have to deal with spillage when tearing open a new packet. The mask stays in place, too, so you can go about your day without worrying about the mask slipping off your face if you so much as move.

I used the Gold mask before makeup application, spraying a fine mist of the Avène Thermal Spring Water before wiping off the extra essence left behind by the mask. My skin was noticeably hydrated and cool. My pores seemed to have tamed (not completely reduced, of course, but less noticeable). In the recent heat, this is a welcome added step to my pre-makeup routine.

Each mask retails for Php 70. Dermal Collagen Essence Masks are available at select Beauty Bar outlets:
— Trinoma
— Mall of Asia
— Alabang Town Center
— Lucky Chinatown
— Eastwood
— Greenbelt 5
— Gloerietta
— Rockwell
— Magnolia
— Midtown

* PR Sample. You can follow them on Instagram at @dermalkoreaph or follow the hashtags: #dermalph or #dermalphilippines. They’re on Facebook, too: Dermal Facial Mask Philippines.

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  1. AHHH! I LOVE sheet masks and serious wish America would get with it and see these more widely! I’ve never tried this brand, but will definitely look for it on my next sheet mask expedition 🙂

    • I hope you can find a place to get them! I like the masks by The Beauty Buffet, too; maybe you guys have that? Slightly cheaper, but also pretty messy!

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