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5 Things Friday: Japanese Drugstore Finds

Today’s 5 Things Friday (which I hope I will follow through on forever and ever) features some finds from a handful of Japanese drugstores on my last trip to Tokyo/Osaka. If you have never shopped around a Japanese drugstore, you have never known real joy. (Just kidding.) I think you can tell that I really held back this time around. These are actually pretty practical finds, except for the lipstick… so I’m pretty proud of myself. Heh.

5TF - Jap Drugstore

I actually have six things here, but let me explain. I picked up the MUJI Nail Polish Remover, which are basically just packets of sheets doused in nail polish remover. My polish was driving me nuts, so I was happy I saw these at a Family Mart! I think they might be acetone-free; the formula was definitely more oily than alcohol-y. Next up is the Suncut Water in UV Protect Essence, which is just facial sunscreen. They have an abundance of these. I just picked one up with a high SPF.

I got a 2 for 1 deal the KATE Super Sharp Liner, which Tellie loves (I think?), and these lip products (lip essence in stick and gloss form) from Ettusais that are both cute and have SPF.

My only lipstick purchase! Whaaaat. As much as I love Japanese drugstore lipsticks, I find them to be so similar to each other. This one, Chifure in 240, was cheaper than most of the ones I normally look at in the drugstore (¥ 500+ compared to ¥800-¥1000+), but the color is super pretty. Here’s what it looks like on:
RBR Shadow Play - Face 2

It’s a mostly matte mauve with a bit of very fine sparkle that I don’t even see, except for in the tube.

Anyway, that’s it! I was looking at a lot of other things from great brands like Visée, Canmake, Lavshuca, Kate, Kanebo, Media, Maquillage… I could go on. But, you know, restraint. I must restrain myself. And I think I did. 🙂

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  1. love this post! I just did a review on the Original babylips line and MUA lipstick it would mean alot if you could check it out or maybe follow me? xx Hatice

    • Oh they were awesome! I had GLITTER polish, and used just one sheet/packet for both hands. My mug! 🙂

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