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Tonal Exercise: Matte Browns

tonal exercise

If you’ve ever taken an art class before, you’d be familiar with tonal exercises. Tonal exercises are what you use to study shade gradations. One such exercise is similar to what I have illustrated here—bars of a color, from white to dark/black, shown in varying degrees.

Here are some very utilized eyeshadows: my matte browns. Starting from a non-brown but a beige-y off-white, Laura Mercier’s Vanilla Nuts is actually a shade I use(d) fairly often as a base for my entire lid and as a browbone highlight. Le Métier de Beauté’s Tamarack and Laura Mercier’s Café Au Lait are two subtle crease colors, to aid with transition and slight depth. Addiction Truffle is a warm, creamy matte brown I use for the outer corner or crease. Laura Mercier’s Coffee Ground is darker, the shade of cocoa powder. I use that for the outer corner or a really dark crease, too. Last, but not the least, Laura Mercier’s Rich Coffee, which is great for the outer corner, too, but is also a very nice dark brown (almost black!) shade for a sophisticated smoky eye or subtle liner definition.

Now that I study it, it looks a bit like Urban Decay Naked Basics, except for the fact that my selection is all-matte. What are your favorite matte brown eyeshadows? Do share!

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  1. I like the mattes in the original Naked palette, basics is subtly different. I like using some matte bronzers as eye shadows, Bourjois’ Bronzing Powder is a great shade.

  2. Is it weird that the first thing I noticed is that almost all the colors are named after food? Vanilla, coffee, truffle… mmmm!

    I don’t really have a favorite matte brown… I do like Buck from the first Naked palette, and the Too Faced Matte palette has a couple matte browns that I like as well. (Okay, I looked for them to find their names: Chinchilla and Coffee Bean. Moar coffee!!)

  3. I use Vanilla Nuts often too! It’s the most dented in my LM palette 🙂
    I just realized LM makes great matte browns in different nuances!

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