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Victorian Disco Swatchfest

Victorian Disco Order 1

Ahem, a haul/swatch post. We gotta stop meeting like this.

This Victorian Disco order was made back in January. I just got a hold of them last week, oy vey! I took advantage of the “blogger pack” and ordered two to save on shipping. Each pack comes with a mini jar, and 6 samples, I think. I was kindly given two samples by Ashley! Yay!

Victorian Disco - Extras - Why Does it have to be Dragons, Water Siblings
Here are the samples I got. I had ordered Why Does It Have to Be Dragons?, so I have an extra sample. It’s a beautiful rich chocolate brown with some sparkles and slight red tones. Water Siblings is beautiful and I’m glad to have been sent it because I wouldn’t have gotten it myself. It’s a bright pink with a strong violet sheen.

Victorian Disco - In Training, Dalek Disco, Spacey Wacey

In Training is a beautiful cool blackened eggplant shade with a sheen and some silver sparks. Dalek Disco is a toasted brown shot with gold. Spacey Wacey is TARDIS blue with minimal sheen but a smattering of multi-colored sparks.

Victorian Disco - Aura, NOOOOO!, Angry Italian Vampires

Aura is a really pale pink that’s kind of frosty. NOOOOOOOOO! is a pale silvery white. Angry Italian Vampires is a blackened burgundy with pink (ish?) sparks.

Victorian Disco - The Dept of Mysteries, Dobby's Socks, Astral Walker

The Department of Mysteries is a blackened charcoal grey with blue and silver sparks. Dobby’s Socks is a cool brown with a very strong bluish sheen. Astral Walker is an inky blackened navy with strong blue shimmer.

Victorian Disco Order 1 - Dementor's Kiss, Mollywobbles, Why Does it Have to be Dragons

Dementor’s Kiss is a cloudy dark brown with a strong gold shimmer. Mollywobbles is a coral with a strong pink sheen.

Victorian Disco - Dobby's Socks, Mollywobbles, The Department of Mysteries, Why Does it have to be dragons, Dalek Disco, Spacey Wacey - Swatches
Swatched, L-R: Dobby’s Socks, Mollywobbles, The Department of Mysteries, Why Does it Have to Be Dragons?, Dalek Disco, Spacey Wacey

Victorian Disco - In Training, Angry Italian Vampires, NOOOOOOO!, Aura, Astral Walker, Dementor's Kiss, Water Siblings - Swatches

Swatched, L-R: In Training, Angry Italian Vampires, NOOOOOOOOO!, Aura, Astral Walker, Dementor’s Kiss, Water Siblings

Victorian Disco Order - Minis

Here are the mini jars I got! Top row is comprised of Dashing Doctor (neutral beige with cool lilac-y sparks) and Sin’Dorei (taupe-y peach). Bottom row is comprised of Bella’s Range of Emotions (cool matte dark brown) and Fallen Survivor (glittery grey taupe with lilac and golden sparks). Most of them are just neutrals.

Victorian Disco - Bella's Range of Emotions, Sin'Dorei, Dashing Doctor, Fallen Survivor - Swatches
Swatches, L-R: Bella’s Range of Emotions, Sin’Dorei, Dashing Doctor, Fallen Survivor

I am so impressed by these colors, oh my gosh. The complexity is so apparent, even without a primer. They are so beautiful. I want to order again (though I know I shouldn’t really, lol) when the shop is back up, since they are closed right now. Some of the shades are being discontinued, so be sure to grab any you like when the shop gets put back up since Ashley is selling the remaining stock of the shades!

Here’s a list of the shades in my post that are being discontinued: Dementor’s Kiss, The Department of Mysteries, Dobby’s Socks, Mollywobbles. Check the Victorian Disco Facebook for updates.

Shipping to the Philippines is just $2.50, so that was great.

Victorian Disco is cruelty-free.

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  1. WAT. Another nerd named makeup brand?! GIMME. *grabby hands* They’re all so pretty, too…

      • I think I would, hahaha! I’m surprised that I’m using the purple rainbow shadow from Inglot more than the brown one. Also, I bought Bourjois cream to powder shadow in Bleu Tenebreux from ASOS 2 weeks ago. I should be receiving it anytime soon. I think it has the same type of blue base as that in the swatch. 😛

  2. Claudia says

    Hilarious, and also wowsa! I’d buy a bunch right now, if only I thought I’d use them. I want to see you wearing them in looks! Show meeeeeee (us, i mean us, show us, please :D).

  3. You’re a bad influence Carina! Haha. I ordered the blogger pack as well because I fell in love with your swatches! Great post and looking forward to more posts about indie cruelty free makeup brands! 🙂

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