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Happy Skin Summer Picks: Peppermint & The Morning After

Happy Skin Summer Picks- Peppermint & The Morning After - Box

Here are two of the makeup things that I just couldn’t resist from Happy Skin’s summer collection. I did manage to curb my cravings for a while (I saw these a few weeks ago) but I caved after a whole month of no new makeup purchases. These are really great purchases, though, and I honestly really held back!

Happy Skin Summer Picks- Peppermint & The Morning After - Open

I got one of the new gel liners in Peppermint, a… mint, and another lippie in one of the three limited edition shades, The Morning After, a mauve-y rose shade. This was the only one I allowed myself to get, in line with my new direction towards a more minimal lifestyle. An attempt, anyway. I was so curious about the other two shades, though I knew I would get the most wear out of this one. You can get the limited edition lip colors at Php 549 each or Php 1299 for the set of three.

Peppermint, I bought because I’d been hankering for the NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner in Barrow Street for years. I couldn’t justify the price tag for something I didn’t know would even work. This on is a bit easier to swallow, at Php 499.

Happy Skin Summer Picks- Peppermint & The Morning After - Swatches
Swatched, L-R: The Morning After (lippie), Peppermint (gel liner)

Happy Skin Summer Picks- Peppermint & The Morning After - Tip Liner

The Eye Am Here to Stay 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliner in Peppermint is definitely one of my “bolder” purchases. It’s a mint green eyeliner… I mean. It’s mint green. For your eyes. If that’s not bold, I don’t know what is.

The pencil itself is so smooth and creamy; definitely non-irritating to the waterline and it applies smoothly over already eyeshadow-ed lids. I do think that a claim of 24H wear is a bit of a stretch, as I did notice significant fading throughout the day, but of course I have to consider the fact that it sat on my lower waterline for that duration of time.

OW - UD Naked 3 - 3 - Face 1

Speaking of “boldness,” I think it mixes quite well with my neutral look, so I suppose it’s not that bold at all. Again, kind of a stretch for Happy Skin to claim on their Instagram account that it is more natural-looking than a white liner on the water line. Supposedly, the green tones cancel out the red tones near your eye, and while I think that it is actually less shocking than a white liner, nude liner may be your best bet. It still stands out, and I actually really like that it does.

The pencil comes with a detachable end where there is a nifty little sharpener for your twist-up pencil. It’s pretty awesome and handy, so I’m happy about that!

Happy Skin Summer Picks- Peppermint & The Morning After - Tip Lippie

The Morning After is the most neutral offerings of the summer lippie collection, which has a bold orange and a bright pink in its ranks. Immediately after paying for my goodz, I saw a lip chart that showed that the three shades were made to be mixed, and I felt really bad for missing out on being a mixologist, but I also still resisted and walked away from temptation! Yay me.

Like the Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies that have come before The Morning After, this one is really smooth and applies great. It is on par with the lightest shades in the permanent collection, which I have—Crushing on You and Summer Fling—and not at all patchy, unlike some of the darkest shades. It looks similar to Crushing on You, actually, but swatching them in store made me realize just how different they are. Here’s a swatch comparison by Happy Skin:


OW - NARS AGCTW - 1 - Face 2

On my face, it pulls really rosy and warm, which is so strange! It’s a lot more mauve on both Mariana and Liz. I really like it nonetheless! I’m super glad I ended up purchasing it, as it’s now one of my go-to, easy everyday lip colors.

What are your Happy Skin summer picks?

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  1. It does lean on the pink side on you. It makes me so much more interested in it now! I was initially not that excited about this particular shade because it felt too mauve for my liking.

    • Ang weird no? Hahaha I like it a lot, though. I think my tone really brings out the warmth in a lot of colors.

  2. Oh my. The Morning After does look different on you. I really want to get this shade because it’s the one that stands out to me as the most wearable. But I keep asking myself, “Is it really worth it? How will this look on me?”

  3. Giving The Morning After to a friend for her birthday (she wanted a nude that was different from the standard ones) and I think this is perfect. ❤ You look great! And you have no idea how much I want to own everything from Happy Skin now. I now have Summer Fling and it is such a great shade.

    • Yay, you’re such a great friend! 🙂 I gave my friend (who now lives in NY) Crushing On You. 🙂

      I’m so glad you are pleased with the items you got from them!

  4. Oh, happy skin… You’ll find out soon enough… In another haul confessional.

  5. I realized that Nyx’s round lipstick in Milan could be a possible dupe for The Morning After!! Hehe wala lang 🙂

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