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Boys Don’t Cry

Say hello to Boys Don’t Cry—another kinda impulse, kinda not buy from NARS. I’ve been eyeing this blush since the collection came out, aka Summer 2013, aka almost an entire year if not more. I remember falling in love with it online and swatching it every time I pass by NARS, just because I didn’t need any more blush. Especially not 13g more blush…

But, what can I say? I got caught at a weak moment.

NARS - Pierre Hardy - Boys Dont Cry

This is a limited edition blush, so I’m not even sure if it’s still available since it did come out a year ago. The SA claimed that this was the last piece they had in stock (Rustan’s Makati), but she also gave me the wrong brush, so I don’t know if I believe her. More on that later.

NARS - Pierre Hardy - Boys Dont Cry - Overspray Pan

Boys Don’t Cry is a “High Voltage Blush” and is described as a “pink grapefruit” shade. It is quite a reddish coral with a bit of gold overspray (just at the top, for design). It is also so freaking pretty.

NARS - Pierre Hardy - Boys Dont Cry - Size Comparison

In comparison with a standard NARS blush: Boys Don’t Cry has 13g or 0.45oz of product whereas your typical NARS blush just has 4.8g or 0.16oz worth of product. Of course, the price differs, too. Like a lot.

NARS - Pierre Hardy - Boys Dont Cry Swatch

Check out this swatch. So pretty. As you can see, this blush is super freaking pigmented. I kind of feel like it makes me look like a rouged-up harlot.

NARS - Pierre Hardy Blush - Boys Don't Cry - Face Studio Light
In fluorescent light

NARS - Pierre Hardy Blush - Boys Don't Cry - Face Natural Light
In natural light

Fortunately, this blends really easily and can be sheered out when you accidentally apply too much.

I wanted to see if I unwittingly bought another blush in a shade that I already had. Here are the “reds” I have swatched next to Boys Don’t Cry:

NARS - Pierre Hardy - Boys Dont Cry - Swatch Comparison
Swatched, L-R: MAC Extra Dimension Blush (Fiery Impact), Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Natural Beauty), NARS x Pierre Hardy Blush (Boys Don’t Cry), Canmake Cream Cheek (CL01)

As you can see, in terms of redness, this trumps Tarte’s Natural Beauty, which I believed to be my reddest blush, by a lot. It’s a straight up reddish coral, and I am quite in deep like with it. Hopefully you can still find it in stores. I think a similar blush might be NARS’ Exhibit A, though this has stronger coral tones.

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  1. It’s super pretty! It looks like theBalm’s InStain blush in Toile. It looks lovely on you.

    I totally understand about being caught in a weak moment. That Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette is back in stock online on Sephora, and I’m planning on buying it as a reward once I finish this grad school application. I deserve it! 😛

    • Hee, thanks! Agh, those InStains have been taunting me for months, lol. I really don’t need more blushes, so I shall let them taunt me s’more.

      Ah! Those are really great, though, and I use the ALPs mostly every day, so it’s OK. HEHE.

  2. Ellen Concepcion says

    Hi, just like to ask if you’ve tried the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation?

    • Thank you! Sadly the gold is just an overspray, but I don’t think I’d like the blush to have shimmer, so it works out haha

  3. Emae says

    Oh god I bought this a year ago pa ha, and let me tell you, I have never touched it. Not once. I don’t know where I get my self-control, but grabe lang. Haha! I was gonna make a review din about this, hay. I’m just so lazy. 😦 But it looks good on you! Now I really wanna use it and get my money’s worth out of it. Hehe

    It is also a tonbleep lot of blush.

    How come the SA gave you the wrong shade? Also, I’ve learned to never believe the Rustan’s SAs when they say whatever I wanted to buy is the last stock. Because they keep saying it, sobrang swerte ko naman, haha.

    • DIBA! Parang WOW. Ok, ganda mo. ❤
      (I know, I was like, "Oh, this is a bit bigger…. WTF 13g!")

      She gave me the wrong brush~ I was going to get a Yachiyo blush brush, and she gave me an Ita contour brush. GAH. Oo, many times na yan nangyari sa kin. Parati sa NARS, lol.

      • Ay, *brush pala, hahahaha. I’ve spent so many weekends (weekends talaga, not just hours) looking at the NARS Yachiyo. It’s so preeeeetty and I can use it as a wand. (Ano daw.) And now I’ve confirmed it’s actually available sa local counters… patay.

      • Patay… sorry po! Hahaha di naman siya nagagamit sa cream blush, so safe ka pa?

  5. Do we already have NARS Exhibit A here? Oh, and would you know if they have NARS Sin/Casino Duo? I’m not in a good place to go to the mall right now.

    • @Rae Why do you seem so spendy lately? Parang natatakot ako makipagmeet sayo hahahaha. I have Exhibit A wanna swatch? It’s so frakin red I look like a Tomato even when I touch just a nanometer of brush strands on the pan.

      BTW Ms. Carina, I spotted this line earlier and didn’t realize how big the blushes are. OMG NAMAN KAMUSTA, EYE PALETTE? Does the gold affect the blush? (Like give it an Orgasm-y glow?)

      • Hey Tellie, will red blush look good with red lipstick? Careline Fresh Tomato blush na lang kaya muna.

        And don’t worry, I’m not a good enabler. Plus, I rarely end up getting stuff when there are people with me. Introverted shopper? Or maybe I feel more embarrassed when there’s a witness.

        Btw, do you think the SA lied to Carina when s/he said this is the last piece?

      • OO HAHAHA BUONG PALAD KO PLS. The gold doesn’t really do much. It’s just… there for decoration. Like a trophy wife.

    • I don’t think bright red cheeks will go well with red lips, but that’s just me. I personally like pairing matte mauves and browns with super bright cheeks.

      Anyway, that “last stock na” is a lie! Everyone in Rustan’s says that. From perfumes to makeup, that’s what they all tell me (since I ask around a lot but rarely end up buying.) I doubt Rustan’s would be so understocked, things aren’t exactly flying off their shelves.

      • I did believe that one time when they notified me that nars stromboli (foundation) is already available. It was always out of stock and there was indeed only one bottle in the drawer (talagang tiningnan kung isa lang, haha).

      • HAHAHA grabe kasi mga 4 times na yata akong na-“last stock na yan.”

      • I don’t think bright red cheeks will go with red lips either! I’d probably go for nudes (lol typical) or like a lighter hue of the blush (matchy!) haha ewan. Pano nga ba ito suotin hahaha

  6. I really do love your NARS impulse buys and reviews! They’ve inspired me quite a few times to pick up some really gorgeous NARS products. Have you tried anything from their Final Cut collection? It was released earlier this spring.

  7. Great review! Its super pretty. Its not too light and not too dark. I will check on this…

  8. paigeyeahh says

    I’ve been wanting this blush for SO long! I’m obsessed with NARS blushes.

  9. Wow, at first it looked super intimidating but once you applied it sheered out, it looks fantastic! What a wonderful surprise. I saw this but passed on it, regretting my decision. Haha

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