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Short Hair, I Kinda Care

You don’t see a lot of hair posts here, but that’s just because I used to be so meh about my hair that I didn’t even bother. At all. I brushed through my hair maybe once a month. And you must know, I have a lot of hair. Or had, I guess. I chopped most of it off in April.

I used to just pull my hair up in a top knot, a bun, or a ponytail if I needed to “style” it. It turns out, short hair really is more high maintenance. Go me. (I do feel more like myself with this haircut, though, so I am willing to suffer the consequences.) Ahem. These are my “styling tools,” so to speak. They are more like my arsenal for “Hope You Still Look Passably Decent By Noon!” hair.

I have thick, stubborn hair, so I just have to face the facts that I cannot wield it. None of us can. It has no other master. …However, here are some of the things I’ve been using to kind of tame it a little and make it look okay.


On damp hair, I use TIGI Bed Head Small Talk (nicked from my sister; it smells like blueberries/those little Flintstones vitamins I used to snack on take v. responsibly) and then I blow-dry the crap out of little twisties I make with my hair using my cheap Babyliss 1200 Hairdryer. These layers will not stay put so I silly-putty them to semi-oblivion using my brother’s pot o’wax. He actually has most of the colors in the Gatsby Moving Rubber range, the freak, but my hair needs to be whipped into submission by a heavy-duty wax, so I use the grey one (Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat, click here for LOLs to be had), which is not pictured here, the most.

With product, my hair looks somewhat wavy, and interestingly texturized, not at all like floppy dog ears or a mushroom cloud:
OW - AGCTW - 2 - Face 1

OW - AGCTW - 3- Face 1

Without product, well. You know, disastah. I call it my boring/beige Tita hair. Which is okay. If I wanted to look like a tita:
OW - NARS AGCTW - 1 - Face 1

I’m currently looking for cruelty-free alternatives to the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, which seems to be everyone’s favorite thang, and/or recipes for a comparable DIY spray I can concoct. BUT I CAN’T FIND EPSOM SALT ANYWHERE. That is both ridiculous and frustrating, but anyway, the hunt continues. For now, I’ll stick to these things I’ve nicked from my siblings.

In case they fail me, I’ll always have bobby pins and headbands.

Headbands and bobby pins

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  1. last time i was in healthy options shang mall, they had boxes of epsom salt and reasonably priced. it was on one of the bottom shelves. hope they still have it!

      • if you’re still looking for epsom salts, was in healthy options yesterday (shang mall) and they have it in stock. its in between the hair care and supplement shelves on the bottom shelf. its 99 pesos for a large carton

    • Aw, thank you so much 😀 I usually top knot then release! For the waves and such hehe. Thanks for the rec, too! I’ll check if it is CF. 🙂

  2. Di says

    There’s Epsom salt in Healthy Options. But I’m very interested, how do you use Epsom salt as a hair spray? I’ll Google but maybe you’re more knowledgeable about it. Thanks!

    • I can’t find in Healthy Options :< But thanks, I'll keep looking. Just Google a recipe! Some people use that in place of sea salt.

  3. Irina says

    Zenutrients has epsom salts in a variety of scents! I think it’s about Php 100/tub. 🙂

  4. Diana N. Din says

    I have collarbone length hair now and I’m so bored with it – got inspired to cut it in a style similar to yours, thanks to you rocking yours so well!

    • Haha that’s funny because I either wanna grow my hair that length or cut it even shorter!

  5. Try the Salcedo/Legaspi weekend market in Makati. I remember seeing a stall there selling the stuff.

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