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Beauty Dare: 20 Days of Lipstick

Nude Lip Liner - Lipsticks

Happy Monday, everyone! Just checking in to say that I will be on a self-imposed beauty dare for the month of June, inspired by the Lipstick Challenge by Caroline over at A Cup of Jo, where someone wore a different lipstick everyday, and by my own experience with the hot pink lips in this Maybelline review. I shall skip the weekends and provide 5-day recaps on Sunday. 🙂

I think this is helpful if you are like me, a person who tends to stick to the same old lipstick colors (muted! MLBB!) even when I have a shit ton of others. I feel like sometimes we tend to say that a lipstick shade “doesn’t suit us” but really, we’re just not used to seeing it on our face. So for 20 days out of the 30 in June, I’ll be wearing non-nude lips, and then I’ve got the weekends off to go to town on my MLBB shades, lol.

Feel free to go on this challenge with me! The only rule is NO REPEATING OF LIPSTICKS.

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  1. I am so doing this challenge! Thanks for the idea! I really need to put a lot of my other lipsticks to good use. 😆

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