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Statement Necklaces Confuse Me

Betty and Biddy - Lolita

Like, what statement are you making, really?

I don’t usually wear statement necklaces, but despite that, I bought 3 (???) a few months ago from this site called Betty & Biddy. Just to give it a try; see if I like it. (I think this is demonstrative also of how dumb I am with my money sometimes.)

I found out about them from Girl Friday’s Beauty Blog and bought some necklaces because they honestly didn’t cost that much. I think I might have been feeling uninspired~ about my wardrobe or something. Anyway! I bought them, and I haven’t really worn them out yet, and I’m not sure I will any time soon, because let’s be honest—I don’t know how to wear these things.

They’re cute, though. I like this one called Lolita a lot, but again… not sure how/where to wear it. I usually wear small necklaces, but they’re way more expensive than these ones. Anyway. I found out that Betty and Biddy don’t actually make their jewelry, they just source the pieces (confirmed here) and that upset me so much, just because I thought I was supporting a small business. I guess I can liken it to buying cosmetics from an indie company only to find out that they just repackaged the colors that they can get wholesale.

The funny thing is that I found out about this whole thing from a YouTuber who just launched her own shop. Please compare:

from Betty & Biddy
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.01.47 PM
Lolita by Betty & Biddy

from The Fab Fox/MissJenFabulous
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.02.20 PM
Royal Bloom Necklace by The Fab Fox

from Noah Jewelry Co. Ltd. on Ali Express
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.01.21 PM
Brand Designer blue stone collar Fashion Statement Necklace 2014 Unique Cute Luxury Big Pendant Necklace by oah Jewelry Co. Ltd.

I mean. I don’t even know if I’m pissed. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s probably mine? But anyway, I suppose my purpose for this post is to serve as a kind of caveat. This necklace in question (as I said, I bought two more, but those were cheaper) is not that cheap, but it is also not as expensive as the ones I usually buy. I feel like I should have just stuck with the shops that I love and really resonate with my aesthetics. The thing that bugs me the most about this is that the necklaces came from China when I thought they were made by small business owners.

Oh well. Lesson learned, I suppose. Nothing I can do about it at this point! I’ll try wearing one today, just to see what it feels like, maybe?

Have you made any similar dumb internet purchases? Come lament with me, lol.

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  1. I can’t believe it: I have a necklace from J. Crew Factory that’s almost identical to the Lolita. Identical flower centerpiece (though with slightly different colors). Identical sequence of round clear stone – yellow rectangle – pink oval – little orange dots. Identical big blue crystals, though they’re grouped in the center instead of going all the way around. J. Crew must have sourced its parts from the same warehouse in China. Crazy! Though I probably shouldn’t be surprised…

    Statement necklaces confuse me, too; I can’t figure out how to wear mine during the day. I’ve seen bloggers throw on big sparkly necklaces with T-shirts and jeans, but it looks so weird and overdone when I do it.

    • AHHH it’s so annoying and kind of ridiculous, too, because deep, deep down, I should have known.

      Same here! I feel really weird wearing them hahaha. I think we should just kind of… go for it. Maybe.

  2. This is too funny. I just bought bangle bracelets (?) to see if they could liven up my usual solid colored shirts and jeans outfit.

  3. It looks so good! I’ve been eyeing something similar at Zara but I should just go to divisoria since they come from the same place anyways.

  4. I’ve always wanted to wear one of those statement necklaces because some are really pretty and they seem fun to wear. But, like you, I am totally unsure of how/where to wear them haha.

  5. I haven’t got a clue how to wear those either. I figure the most plain basic t-shirts/simple tops would be best with it? Something white or gray with colorful stones necklaces and whatever color with solid metal ones? But honestly, I don’t know.´ I’ve been looking at some in shop, but I’m yet to bite.

    Sucks about the resell…

    • Yeah, I think the best option would be simple clothes, which I thankfully have an abundance of, but whenever I try, I feel so strange!

  6. Hi Carina, So Funny!!! a bit creepy too because while I am reading your post, I am sewing the “necklace” of my Zara top that looks EXACTLY like the first on your pic! it is placed along the shoulders but since I wear my handbag on the shoulder, it always breaks it and I have to take a needle and some thread and attach it again… what a coincidence!!
    I am just like you, don’t know how to wear them and never look that “comfortable” with them, probably that reflects on my behaviour 😀 but what I do is buy clothes with details, not much but just some small details along the neck or the shoulders. I don’t wear huge statement necklaces, more Thomas Sabo, Pandora or Shwarovski for example. I try to just state my eyes but not much effort on the jewelry here, specially because I am lazy 😀
    It drives me mad when I pay a high price for something and then I find it much cheaper elsewhere, I get you !
    My two cents: try them with a tight white shirt… I would wear it like this (the shirt not necessarily with a collar):
    so a tight black or white very simple top with a big necklace would look great 🙂 I guess…

    • Ahhh! Haha it’s so annoying that they all apparently source from the same place~

      The reason why I wanted to try to accessorize is because most of my clothes are basics and plain. But yes, I don’t think I can wear those things you mentioned either. I like working on my makeup instead, too. 😀

      Thanks for the tip! I think I need to wear a blazer or something, too, but it’s just so freaking hot!

  7. Alright, so I have a similar story. I bought one, from J.Crew no less, because all of the ~ top tier ~ fashion bloggers had ones from J.Crew… and I still haven’t worn it. I keep trying to, but it just feels so gaudy to me.

    Other people can pull it off beautifully but on myself? It feels like horrible costume jewelry.

    I’ve since gone back to not buying trendy jewelry and to supporting the amazing minimalist jewelry stuff I like (Catbird NYC, Datter, Etsy in general)

    • IKR how do they do it! Maybe it doesn’t look as gaudy in pics, but like if we saw them IRL, we’d know for sure they were wholesale necklaces, lol.

      My fave necklace is from BRVTVS. Check out for great jewelry designers, in case you were looking for more. 😀

  8. I wear chunky statement necklaces like these but I can’t pull off bejeweled ones to save my life. I just find them so overpowering!

    I’ve made many a blunder buying shoes online, but then again, I guess that is to be expected especially since most of them were on the cheap side. Since then I’ve made a pact to avoid online shopping unless absolutely necessary. At least there’s a LITTLE less buyer’s remorse haha.

    • HOW TO WEAR THEM. Hahaha. I’m so dumb sometimes.

      I love makeup shopping online~! Rare regrets. I’ve also made shoe and clothes blunders. Sometimes they don’t tell the truth lang talaga!

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