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20 Days of Lipstick: Week 1 Recap

Here’s what happened during my first week of the self-imposed beauty dare. To refresh your memory, I am trying to wear a different shade of lipstick for twenty weekdays in June.

20 Days of Lipstick - Tom Ford - Flamingo
Day 1 feat. Tom Ford Lipstick in Flamingo

I think, deep down, this is the lipstick that sparked this challenge, actually. I bought this blindly, as a miseducated consumer. I say this because it is a fairly bright pink, and I don’t really wear a lot of pinks. I asked Sarie what she thought of it, and she said “It makes you look yellow.” So. Hmm. I don’t know how I feel about this lipstick, but I can’t seem to say goodbye to it. Mostly because it was really expensive.

20 Days of Lipstick - NARS Vendanges
Day 2 feat. NARS Sheer Lipstick in Vendanges

Mild panic attack on Tuesday, actual Day 2, because I had nowhere to go to (stuck at home working) so there was no point in wearing a lip I wouldn’t really have worn outside. Because the point of this challenge is to be comfortable in all the different colors of lipsticks that I buy but don’t really wear. Anyway, I figured I’d just skip Tuesday and make “Day 5” a Saturday lip.

So. Wednesday’s lip selection was an oldie, but a goodie—NARS’ Vendanges! I used this a lottt when I was on a month-long trip to Europe and brought just 3 lipsticks with me. It’s described as a “sheer grape,” and this was my gateway to vampy~ lips. I would repurchase this forever.

20 Days of Lipstick - NARS Damned
Day 3 feat. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned

I wore this to our exhibit opening! (Or “vernissage,” in other parts of the world.) Damned is much redder than I thought it would be. I’m not sure why that is. I love this lip and formula. It is easy to wear, reapply, and it fades away evenly.

20 Days of Lipstick - Illamasqua Immodest
Day 4 feat. Illamasqua Lipstick in Immodest

This is the lipstick I killed… Haha. I accidentally broke the bullet off its base and attempted to reattach it and fix it, but the formula is so stinkin’ matte that it didn’t work out. So I stuffed it in my drawer and deemed it unusable. It turns out, it’s pretty useable. And I kinda really like it? The color is MUCH less harsh over a balm, but you can turn the brightness level seriously up with this baby on its own. Just make sure your lips are well-prepped. I really wanted to wear this again and again, but alas—the challenge beckons me to other shades.

20 Days of Lipstick - Guerlain Rouge G in Gemma
Day 5 feat. Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Gemma

OK, so this is a “safe” lipstick, but it’s a blue-mauve-based pink, so I don’t think that’s cheating, exactly. I don’t wear this often, but I quite love it. If I am being honest with you, I find my purchasing method from way back to be a bit weird and arbitrary. Which is why I ended up with a lipstick that cost me upwards of $50 in a shade that I don’t even reach for that often. But I like it, let’s just get that out of the way.

I am, however, at odds with the Guerlain packaging. I used to be all over that, but they are so hard to store efficiently. I don’t live in a mansion, Guerlain! I don’t have much real estate.

Anyway, that’s my first recap of my beauty dare. It’s been unintentionally quiet here; I’ve just been busy, I suppose. Let me know if you are doing this challenge, too!

P.S. My blog sale is still up! Please take a look. 🙂

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  1. I’m in love with the Tom Ford flamingo color it’s gorgeous that’s why you have to keep it. Such a girly pink !

  2. Emae says

    Your skin is perf! Can’t wait for week 2! I must do this challenge. Haha

  3. I actually really like Flamingo on you! I don’t have the impression that it makes you “yellow,” to be honest!

  4. Immodest and Flamingo looks so nice on you! Maybe you should revisit the brighter pinks, they may look better than you thought. 😀

  5. What a fun idea! Flaming is my favourite on you — I think it lights up your face and doesn’t make you look sallow at all.
    And yes, your skin IS without flaw ❤

    • Yay, it’s supah fun! Because I look at colors I’ve never touched in a while 😀 Yay, I think Flamingo is doing well with the laydeez, haha.

      Thank you! ❤

  6. I really love this idea! I will probably have to steal it because I am a crazy makeup addict and bought 15 lipsticks last month, so I definitely need to get use out of them (not even counting the excessive amount I already owned). The Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Damned is my very favorite lip product, so I’m happy to see someone else likes it too!! I love that Tom Ford lipstick on you, it makes your skin glow!

    • Go ahead! 🙂 Haha that’s crazy, though I’m pretty sure I’ve had some… um, lapses in judgment similar to that. Thank you so much, and yay for Damned!

  7. kpsays says

    I love all the colors on you! Especially the Tom Ford one. I also love NARS’ Vendanges. I have a review on my blog also! Thanks for stopping by, and I’ve enjoyed this post. Will check on you next week to see your new colors. That is a great idea to dust off some lippies you’ve neglected. I’m going to try it also!

  8. Vendanges looks so much like Clinique Beauty (my favorite MLBB). Pretty shocked to find that you like Immodest as you tend to like a lot of deep colors. I’d love to try that kind of pink, do you have any advice on how to wear it or what exact tone to get? I’ve gotten a few light pinks like that but they always grey my teeth out so much.

  9. Aneka says

    This is a great idea! I should probably try this too since I’ve collected quite a number of lipsticks… but, I’m not as confident in taking those close up pictures. Haha Being jealous of your great skin right now 😛

    I share the same sentiment when it comes to those pinks, but really, they’ve worked out great for you! I always tend to lean towards dark reds/plums, but sometimes they feel so “formal.” It’s refreshing when you finally find a pink that works. I’m still on that search 🙂

    • Go Aneka! 🙂 Hehe. Thank you, let me know if you find a pink that works for you! My “bold” lip preferences are always vampy, plummy ones, too. Bright pinks and purples make me nervous!

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