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Commodity Goods Fitting Kits

I’m not into scents much, but lately, I’ve been trying on different ones to see which I like the best. So far, my scent preferences have differed a lot from when I was a kid (I used to wear perfume and cologne more before), so it’s been a challenge looking for something that suits me personally. I’ve got a post on fragrances in the works, but allow me to talk a bit more about a recent discovery.

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits

I first found out about Commodity Goods from my new favorite beauty website, xoVain. One of the writers was sampling a perfume brand through “Fitting Kits,” little tester vials of the scents they offered. Priced at $9 each with free shipping, a fitting kit (one for Women and one for Men) had 10 scents you can trial before committing to a big bottle.

I’m personally pretty picky with scents. I don’t get on with a lot of cult favorites like Chloe and Prada Candy, for example. I don’t know. My nose is weird.

Commodity, a small company based in California, started out as a Kickstarter Project last year, and I missed out on it like a doofus, but wow. I’m so happy that it got funded.

So, the kits. I got both, so I was met with 10 scents. There are actually duplicates (Moss, Paper, Gold), but you still get to test A LOT. They come in these little individual plastic packets that are so cute, I had a hard time cutting them open.

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Packaging

And now the scents:

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - W and M

Oooh! Aaah! I felt so overwhelmed and yet so excited at the same time. The Fitting Kits come with little cards where you can rate the scents, too. Mighty helpful if you’ve got a “forgetful nose.”

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Sheet 1

As you can see, I’ve written on the cards, instead of just rating them using the hearts. My nose is particularly forgetful, but I clearly remember the scents that stood out to me, so there’s that. My favorite ones are Moss, Cloth, and Mimosa. Close seconds are Paper, Book, Gin, Rain, and Tea.

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Descriptions lol

I store my samples in an old tea tin from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I store them because they’re good for a few spritzes before coming up empty, which is a great thing because you can sort of play around and layer scents before deciding which ones to get.

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Storage

Commodity Main Sizes

The bigger sizes come in 10ml ($24) and 100ml ($108) bottles. They’re actually having a huge-ass sale right now which ends in a few days, so I’m trying to wrap up this post, which I was thinking of publishing later, in case any of you lovely ladies in the USA can get your hands on a fitting kit ASAP and find a shade you like fast enough. I mean, 50% is huge.

The website is also pretty helpful, stating the top, middle, and base notes of each scent. Here’s the one for Moss:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.43.06 PM

And then the elephant in the room that I haven’t spoken about thus far: the exquisite branding. I love minimal design, and Commodity’s is just so great. They have such a great aesthetic (copper/warm peach and white for women and black and white for men), and a really great online presence and identity. Check out their Instagram for proof.

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Pretty

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Hashtag
Each scent comes with a hashtag in case you want to know other people’s thoughts of the fragrance you love or hate.

I ended up not liking a lot of them, but I think that speaks of how much variance they have as a perfume company. You can probably find something you like on there. I’ve been enjoying combining Ivy and Whiskey, for example, even if I don’t enjoy them on their own as much as I do the other scents I’ve mentioned.

Commodity Goods - Fitting Kits - Whiskey and Ivy

The downside to this, for international customers like myself, is that they have only worked out shipping within the US. Let’s just say that I have my ways.

What do you think of this sampler scheme? What’s your favorite type of fragrance?

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  1. Dearest, since you mentioned design and branding, may I interest you in Malin + Goetz? I am hopelessly in love with them ❤

  2. Oh, God they’re on sale?? I super want Moss – Paper din sounds like it would smell nice! Maling mali to check your blog! Hahaha!

    • Btw, I agree with Krysty (hehe FC) I think you’d like Malin + Goetz Dark Rum (or their Cannabis/Tobacco candle smells super nice daw!)

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