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Hallelujah! The Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch* Came at the Right Time

I’ve been breaking out lately and I know it’s because I sleep so late. Aside from germs and food intake, emotional stress and fatigue can cause your skin to break out into cystic horrors. My worst ones always happen around my nose area. I literally have nothing to blame except my 4a.m. bedtime, and I have been looking for a more advanced treatment for my breakouts, instead of my usual tea tree oil fare.

Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch - Header

Inside the BNT Box is the Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch*, which are spot treatment stickers that contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil to target blemishes. Inside the pack are 50 individual patches in two different sizes, divided into 5 foil packets with 10 patches a sheet. You need to leave the patch on the affected area for 8-12 hours after cleansing. This is great to keep treatment on the skin while sleeping or working. The patches are transparent, so it’s not very conspicuous.

Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch - Face

This is a weird photo, but I wanted to show you how well these patches work. I used one of the bigger patches on the side of my nose. A lump formed on my nose, comprising of what I think are three huge zits! The patch fit well on the uneven surface and the adhesive stuck around.

The major ingredients are salicylic acid, tea tree extract, propolis extract, and Portulaca Oleracea Extract. I love this because it treats the spot and keeps it clean and safe from environmental irritants. Like I said, my current cystic pimple is quite large so I’m not surprised that it didn’t disappear after I put on a patch for 12 hours. It did help drain the pimple out so it’s considerably smaller than what it was before I used this patch. I’ll put another one on tonight and hope it will make it smaller soon. These patches are great treatments for on-the-go and for traveling, since you won’t need to bring extra ointments or topical treatments.

The Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch is available on Korea Depart for $9.76. It is currently on sale for $5.37.

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge! * PR Sample. Product was sampled and reviewed as part of the terms outlined for the BNT Girls.

Other BNT Girls: Joanne, Kine, Doris, Bella.

I have no information regarding Leaders Clinic’s animal testing policy.

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  1. There are locally available versions of patches, but my favorite are the 3M Nexcare ones. They’re yellowish, kinda thick (for the face anyway), but they zap out any nasty white pus you have in your zits. It’s so satisfying to remove (LOL). That said, they’re best for inflamed zits already, not for the slightly red ones.

  2. I seriously would have never thought you get pimples. Your skin always looks flawless! After seeing yours and Joanne’s reviews I’m so sad these magic patches didn’t work at all for me. You guys seem to have had amazing results!

    • Aw, that is so nice of you. 😀 I usually get one or two zits at a time, though I’m guessing it’s a hormonal or stress issue. It took a lot more than 1 patch for it to work on me, but this pimple is healing faster than if I just dabbed tea tree oil at it, like I usually do, ha.

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