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REVIEW: Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water*

After a long wrestle with the customs office (AGH), I finally got my BNT Girls box! So in addition to Harry Potter week, I’ll be reviewing quite a bit of products from Korea this week. I hope you guys don’t mind. 🙂

The Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water* is a 2-in-1 product that acts as both a makeup remover and toner. The main ingredient is the Saponaria Officinalis Leaf Extract, which is a natural cleansing agent.

From the looks of it, it’s similar to the micellar water products that have boomed in the beauty market place lately. I’m not a big fan of those myself, having only tried the Bioderma Sensibio H2O, which is pretty much the cult favorite of everyone on earth. I find that micellar water doesn’t really take off much of my makeup—especially not the eye makeup—and they also sting my eyes. I was keen on finding out if my experience with the Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water would be similar to that of my Bioderma one.

FIF Truly Waterly Cleansing Water - Bottle

Doesn’t this bottle look like it’d be right at home with Soap & Glory? The formulation of this cleansing water is made up of several plant and flower extracts, with the aim for minimal irritation and the suppleness of the skin. Because of its moisture content, it can be used as a toner, too without the tightness.

FIF Truly Waterly Cleansing Water - Swatches

As with most products like this, I think consumers look for its effectiveness when it comes to removing waterproof makeup. Here, I’ve swatched two stubborn, hard-to-remove mascaras (3CE I’m Good Mascara* and the DHC Waterproof Mascara), a waterproof liquid eyeliner (Dolly Wink Liquid Liner), and a bright, creamy lipstick (Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick). After a few passes of the cleansing water with a microfiber cloth…

FIF Truly Waterly Cleansing Water - After

I was able to remove all of the makeup from my hand! Of course, the skin on the hand is a lot less delicate than the skin on my face, especially my eye area. I was not looking forward to this test because Bioderma basically was hell on my eyes, so I proceeded with caution and applied a few coats of the 3CE I’m Good Mascara* which was hard for me to remove generally.


It didn’t sting at all! It took a few gentle rubs to thoroughly remove the product, but it worked. I like using oils as a makeup remover (a recent favorite is Jojoba Oil!) but this will work out in a pinch. I usually follow up with a cleanser when I deal with makeup removers, just to make sure everything is clean, but this is a good and gentle remover if you just want to get rid of your makeup. It didn’t leave the skin around my eyes tight, either. 🙂

It’s also cheaper per ml than most micellar waters that you have to purchase through eBay or online stores anyway, and I find that it works much better. I don’t know if it is technically a micellar water, but it’s a water based cleanser that works like a charm. Highly recommended!

The Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water is available for online purchase at Yes Style for $17.90 at 300ml.

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge! * PR Sample. Product was sampled and reviewed as part of the terms outlined for the BNT Girls.

Other BNT Girls: Joanne, Kine, Doris, Bella.

I have no information regarding Faith in Face’s animal testing policy.

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  1. Wow that performance is awesome, and only at around Php900 (excl. shipping?). I do hope this gets more popular locally!

  2. Oh! Must try to track this down! I’m an avid micellar user, but still prefer a bi-phase or oil to remove waterproof eye makeup. My latest micellar find is a Japanese DS one from Purevivi, much cheaper than Bioderma in my country, and doesn’t sting my eyes (not that Bioderma does, but other DS ones have)

    • I love bi-phase and oil removers, too. I prefer them, but this one was a pretty good one. 🙂 Happy you found one that’s cheaper and suits your needs!

  3. I feel the same way about Micelle water. Like, I could love it more, it could be perfect, even, if only it did something to eye makeup. This is pretty awesome news though, waaa I wanna be a BNT girl! 😛

    • Yeah, omg. I don’t understand how people get it to remove everything hahaha. I’m like, “HOW???” I was so happy when I finished up my Bioderma because I could say goodbye to it.

  4. I thought this was a S&G product! Love the packaging!

    I love Micellar water, so medyo (meeedyo palang naman) tempted na ako to buy this to try it out haha

    • Haha cute no? 😀 Haha kung masyadong mahal Bioderma dito… They’re coming here, if I’m not mistaken!

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