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NARS Eyeshadow Duos—Depotted!

MakeupByTiffanyD recently made a video showing her viewers how to depot NARS eyeshadow duos using only floss and sheer will. I decided to follow suit and here are my current ones right now. I ended up doing what Makeup Magpie did and just pried the damn things from the compacts, which was pretty easy to do with a thin-enough pin and a little bit of patience. Some of them cracked a little because my glue wasn't as weak, but nothing major and heart-wrenching.

I thought I'd take you through my NARS duo collection as of late.

NARS Eyeshadows Duos - Depotted1

First Row: Charade, Dogon, Grand Palais
Second Row: Habanera, China Seas, Kauai

NARS Eyeshadows Duos - Swatches

I have another one, Paramaribo, that I’ve set aside for a past/future blog sale. If it doesn’t sell, I think I just may keep it… and get a bigger blank palette! Just kidding! But let me know what you think I’m missing. I have my eye on Eurydice, Kuala Lumpur, Brousse, and Surabaya, but let me know if I’ve glossed over some gems.

The pans automatically magnetize to a blank palette, like the ones I use (from Wild Peach!). In case you were wondering. Because that is actually helpful information.

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  1. Soooo pretty, especially when they’re all together like that. I suspect one would feel less guilty about depotting NARS Duos because the compacts become gross as hale…

    • Right?? So pretty. I want to hug them. LOL I had to tape up my Orgasm blush since it got really gross, but I read a comment online that said you can spray it with some sort of silicone spray or something?

  2. I spilled micelle water on a relatively new blush and now it’s permanently gunky 😦 WTF is wrong with NARS containers huhu. This custom palette is a work of art, miss. You can even wedge a brush in the middle just to keep it all stuck.

  3. omg I love makeupbytiffanyD! hehe your palette looks so pretty and I’m especially loving the Kauai duo<3

  4. I’ve been eyeing (ahem) Grand Palais for ages! I’ll try to hold out until spring, but your post just reminded me of how pretty and versatile it is. I also like the look of Blade Runner, though I doubt I’d get much use out of the colors–I think the name is the motivating factor there…

    It’s so cool that you can just click the pans into a magnetic palette, but I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to depot anything from NARS! Plus, keeping products in their packaging limits my storage space, and thus the number of expensive duos I can buy. 😀

    • (HA!) It’s really so great. 😀 I think Blade Runner is a great supplement to a pretty well-rounded collection, as accent colors or something. I imagine the red shade would be a great blush, too, actually! HAHAHA I tried not to get suckered into it, also because of the name.

      You can easily pop them back into the case! 😀 That’s why I’m so excited by this. MAC, Rouge Bunny Rouge pans need to be BURNED and MELTED so this was a big revelation to me lol.

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