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Quickie: NARS Audacious Lipstick

Another Wes Week interlude: a quick look at the NARS Audacious Lipstick, of which I got two shades. (The other one pictured here, Janet, is my sister’s!) The ones I got, Dominique and Julie are Barneys exclusives (dunno what that means, as the shades are described as permanent in the range).

NARS - Audacious Lipsticks - Janet, Dominique, Julie
Janet, Julie, Dominique

These new lipsticks are slightly more expensive than the regular NARS lipsticks ($32 compared to $26) but they also have a bit more product (0.14 oz. compared to 0.12 oz.), but I don’t think a lot of us actually compute when we buy makeup… Hehe. When I extended the bullet all the way, I was surprised to see how small the bullet was, so I’m a bit pleased to learn that it actually contains more than the standard NARS lipstick.

Compared to their old range, the Audacious Lipsticks are supposed to be “one-stroke, full-coverage creamy wear,” long-lasting, and nourishing to the lips. I found these claims to be mostly true, especially the ones concerning pigment.

NARS - Audacious Lipsticks - Dominique, Julie - Swatches

Now, I can’t tell you why I got a “pink lilac” color (Dominique), but I did, so there’s that. The other shade I got, Julie, is described as a “nude pink,” which is a shade range I enjoy wearing as is. The texture and opacity are both SO GREAT that I don’t mind forking over more doll hairs for the rest of the range. As it happens, a lot of their colors seem repetitive (which can be more obvious when you launch a 40-shade collection all at once) or not nuanced enough… so I ended up with these two.

NARS - Audacious Lipsticks - Dominique - Face
Dominique on my face… and I said I would never wear purple lipstick!

I don’t have a photo of Julie on m’self, but I have worn it out, and both shades are so comfortable on.

NARS - Audacious Lipsticks

The packaging is sleek and beautiful, with a cap that magnetizes closed. NARS shook off their iconic rubber-matte packaging, probably because a lot of people—especially from humid countries—have lamented over them… as they turn to utter crap in hot, sticky weather.

I think you can tell what my verdict on this product is. I normally don’t like full-coverage lipsticks (unless it’s a matte!) since they seem to always be heavier on the lips, but these are pretty special. I kind of want to get a couple more shades, but thankfully these are permanent, so I have time to mull it over.

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  1. I want Dominique! I hope we have it in our local nars counter. But I know if I get one, I will end up wanting all of them. sigh

    • HAHAHA I know the feeling, but most of the shades honestly run together, so I don’t think we’ll end up getting all forty. (I hope!)

  2. Dominique is the one I’ve been most excited about, even though I haven’t gotten it yet because I never shop I Barney’s. It looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Noodles says

    Whoa. Dominique is extraordinary on you! I don’t think we got this shade in Taiwan, or if so, then it was an LE thing, so perhaps it’s permanent only at Barney’s?

  4. I got a lot of shades in my wishlist. I’m going to get myself a couple this coming holiday season.

  5. Dominique is so great on you! I got sort of paralyzed when confronted with the 40 shades, so I haven’t bought one yet, but I’m thinking of picking up a pink coral for spring.

    • Thank you! x AGH, I know what you mean. I gravitated towards the Barneys exclusives, I think, because there were way less shades. HAH.

  6. That purple looks amazing on you! I bet a deeper purple would look even more incredibly…just sayin’ 🙂

    • I think they might be out in Manila? I saw Rae/scatterbraintures has one, but she might have gotten them online. Thank you so much!

  7. I was almost going to buy Dominique, but here in Cebu they didn’t have testers yet, so I was afraid I’ll look dead in it, but it looked SOOOO pretty from the bullet! I ended up buying Vivien instead, AND I LOVE IT! I think my next one is going to be Anna. I can’t wait already. Best lipstick I have ever owned in my life (LOL).

    • Hahaha it’s so nice!! I hope you like it. 🙂 Rae (scatterbraintures) says it looks grey on her. I think I’m going to go for Ingrid or Liv!

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