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One Week bareMinerals Degrees of Dazzling: 7 Looks

bareminerals degrees of dazzling

I haven’t quite been able to keep up with my One Week series, mostly because I’ve been enjoying rotating my old and new products. I figured that I had to get around to using some of my sets and palettes that I haven’t been touching eventually. Here are a couple of looks that I came up with using my bareMinerals Degrees of Dazzling set (reviewed here). This came out last Christmas/holiday, so I don’t know if this is annoying that I’m posting about it. I don’t know, I pretty much believe that you can recreate most looks with whatever you have. (Which is probably a bit weird coming from a self-confessed hoarder, but you must admit that I do have a point.)


I picked this “palette” to work with because I wanted to explore and play a bit more with colors, and my goal is to use at least 3/4 or 15 of the 20 shades in this collection. Unlike my previous One Week series posts, I chose to go the full week and post 7 looks here. Enjoy!

DAY ONE, shades used: Iridescent Iris, Deep Sea, Velvet Nude
I did not hold back for the first day! I remembered to apply the shadows wet (I used MAC Fix+; sprayed on my brush, tapped the color on the lid and swirled the brush about, then applied) this time. And please ignore my upper lip. I think an insect bit me? Maybe?

ow - bareMinerals degrees of dazzling - face 3

Iridescent Iris on the lid and inner 1/3 of lower lash line, Deep Sea on the outer 1/3 of the lid and outer 2/3 of lower lash line. Velvet Nude on the crease to blend everything out. Eyeliner’ed my eyes (hello uneven & mismatched folds) then mascara’d the upper and lower lash lines.

ow - bareMinerals degrees of dazzling - face 2

ow - bareMinerals degrees of dazzling - eye

I have a very tiny lid space, which I think makes my color-wearing self look less “bold,” if ya know what I mean.

Rest of the makeup: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Correcteur (Medium), Ellana Minerals Loose Powder Foundation (Caramel Latte), Illamasqua Cream Foundation (CF 320), Illamasqua Cream Blush (Promise), shu uemura Blush (Soft Mauve M225), Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Pressed Powder (Shade 2), K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24H (02), The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit (02), Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black), Maybelline The Rocket Mascara, bareMinerals READY Luminizer (The Love Affair), Le Métier de Beauté Hydra-Crème Lipstick (Cashmere)

DAY TWO, shades used: Strawberry Mousse, Toasted Espresso, Rose Gold
This next look is so painfully neutral, it’s not even funny.

20 Days of Lipstick - NARS Vendanges

I used Strawberry Mousse all over the lid (not very “strawberry,” though—it looks like a cream shade) with Toasted Espresso as an outer ‘v’ shade and Rose Gold to line my upper and lower lash lines.

OW - bareMinerals Degrees of Dazzling - 2 - Eyes

Rest of makeup: UM. I honestly forgot everything… except for NARS Vendanges, which is my lipstick.

DAY THREE, shades used: Golden Pear, Deep Sea, Stay Golden
Way bolder than I usually go, but here ya go! The point is to experiment, yes?

bareMinerals - 3 - TDL - Face 2

I applied Golden Pear all over the lid, leaving the outer 1/3 free for some Deep Sea, which I blended inward. I lined my lower lash line with Stay Golden, but when applied, it doesn’t look that much different from Golden Pear, just a hint less green and a little brighter, but nothing substantially different, IMO. I also put a bit of Deep Sea on the outer half of my lower waterline for some definition.

bareMinerals - 3 - TDL - Eyes 1

Rest of makeup: Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation (Just Sheer), Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Mood Light), K-Palette 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner (G101 Grayish Brown)*, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Exposed), NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (Bahama), OCC Lip Tar (Anita)

Way bolder than I usually go, but here ya go! The point is to experiment, yes?

DAY FOUR, shades used: Velvet Mauve, Velvet Lavender, Pewter
I enlisted the help of other eyeshadows (Hello Waffle Magic Hair, THREE Let the Happiness In (Lavender), Makeup Geek (Cocoa Bear) for this look!

OW - bM degrees of dazzling - 4 (real) - Face

OW - bM degrees of dazzling - 4 (real) - Eyes

DAY FIVE, shades used: Ginger Sugar, Violet Spell, Starry Night, Lagoon
OK. I’ve always wanted to try a heavy under-eye… but clearly this isn’t working out for me! I’m not sure what I should do, but I’m not a fan of this at all, lol.

OW - bM degrees of dazzling - 4 - Face 2

OW - bM degrees of dazzling - 4 - Face 1

DAY FIVE, TAKE 2, shades used: Silver Dollar
I did this for my Patronus Charm look (see here), and it is the most boring shade in this look. Sorry.

HP Week - Patronus Charm

HP Week - Patronus Charm - Eye

DAY SIX, shades used: Velvet Mauve, Yoga
I used a Makeup Geek Pigment called Sweet Dreams on my lid, with bareMinerals Velvet Mauve in the crease and bareMinerals Yoga as a liner.

OW - bM - Face1

DAY SEVEN, shades used: Velvet Emerald, Black Leather, Golden Pear, Deep Sea, Velvet Charcoal
bareMinerals Degrees of Dazzling - Day 7 Look

OK, so for this look, I tried to use something other than a midtone matte brown for my crease… so I went with a medium matte grey (Velvet Charcoal) and a matte hunter green (Velvet Emerald). LOL. I used Golden Pear on the inner half, transitioning into Deep Sea for the outer half, which was partly darkened by Black Leather.

bareMinerals Degrees of Dazzling - Day 7 Look

Rest of makeup: Ellis Faas Concealer (S204)*, Snoe Beauty Poudre Phenomenon, Wet n Wild x Fergie Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer, K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liner*, K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Two-Way Eyebrow (G101)*, Sasatienne Party Queen 4D Hot Lash Mascara, Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl (Nude), Le Métier de Beauté Powder Blush (Dali, from the Cheeky Chic Kaleidoscope Face Kit), Illamasqua Cream Foundation (C302), shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Rouge Unlimited Lipstick (Celebrity Beige)

Velvet Mauve: Day 4, Day 6 Velvet Emerald: Day Day 7 Velvet Lavender: Day 4 Velvet Nude: Day 1
Velvet Charcoal: Day 7 Pewter: Day 4 Stay Golden: Day 3 Deep Sea: Day 1, 3, 7
Iridescent Iris: Day 1 Rose Gold: Day 2 Silver Dollar: Day 5.2 Ginger Sugar: Day 5
Violet Spell: Day 5 Golden Pear: Day 3, 7 Strawberry Mousse: Day 2 Black Leather: Day 7
Starry Night: Day 5 Toasted Espresso: Day 2 Lagoon: Day 5 Yoga: Day 6

To be honest, this was a hard challenge. I wanted to prioritize “unused” shades towards the end of the challenge, so I can try all of the shades at least one, but I found myself gravitating towards certain shadows more—and I ended up getting to use them all! I did enjoy playing with them a lot, though, and I’m a little bit inspired to keep using them still.

* PR Sample

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  1. laura says

    I’ve been waiting for this! It’s nice to see you play around with colors because you look good in bold eyeshadows. 🙂 Hopefully you have more posts like this. I like it when I see bloggers utilize their makeup like this because it shows that your products do not just go to waste 🙂

  2. I love the first look! I just got a set of some mineral eyeshadows and I’m hating how messy they are :(. I find that a heavy under eye look actually needs to be matched with a heavy lid colour too to balance it out. I like to use a black eyeliner and then smoke it out with a slightly lighter eyeshadow for more of that Gaussian effect.

    • Aw, thank you! Haha they’re so messy, but these ones by bareMinerals are OK (they have sifters). I think pigments are WAY MORE annoying to work with.

      Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love these looks and the concept of the challenge (especially the last one, love the green on you!). I have super small lid space as well (rargh eyelids) and sometimes I ignore the crease completely and focus the darker crease shade and transition shades in my socket instead of my crease. It gives me more space to play with color and shape, it might help you as well :\ Just an idea!

    • Thank you Olivia! ❤ I have recently been trying to go over the crease more than usual (i.e. the last look you mentioned) and it's working out well but can sometimes be too heavy for everyday if I use a heavier shade than a standard transition shade.

  4. tatana says

    I like day3 and I love the last one. You look gorgeous! If I were you I would were bold eyes more often 🙂

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