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Unboxing: BDJ Box for November 2014 (Benefit exclusive)

The day I got back from Seoul, I was surprised to see a very welcome blue box that I’ve been accustomed to expect BDJ Boxes hiding within. I was correct! Thank you to the BDJ Team for always thinking of me. 🙂 I really, really appreciate it, especially because I think I’ve witnessed a real substantial growth of the company as a really supreme sub box service.

Benefit x BDJ Nox 2014 - Benefit Sweet Shoppe

The November 2014 BDJ Box* is a Benefit exclusive, which means that all of the products from the box are from Benefit Cosmetics. There have been quite a few Benefit exclusives, and of the two I’ve received so far, I think I like this one more!

The box is an “early Christmas gift” from BDJ Box—a selection of items from Benefit’s Sweet Shoppe! There is a mix of skin care, makeup items designed to bring out your natural beauty, and end-of-the-day sloughing off of products. There is even a body oil mist—something I’ve never tried from the brand.

I’m going to carry on today with a list of products, going by levels of excitement to ambivalence, à la Beauty By Tellie:

Posiebalm Hydrating Lip Balm (full size retails for Php 1000) — I know reviews of this product have just been so-so, but I still want to try it! Aside from being a super subtle tint, it’s formulated with mango butter and a sodium hyaluronate formula that conditions your lips. Supposedly.

They’re Real! Push-Up Liner (full size retails for Php 1300) — My mom has this but I haven’t tried it extensively and I don’t want to waste her liner just to sate my curiosity. This has been a polarizing product, so it makes me want to test it out all the more!

They’re Real! Eye Makeup Remover (full size retails for Php 1000) — Makeup remover specifically designed for their They’re Real! range, which is notoriously hard to remove.

Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain (full size retails for Php 1700) — I got this before and I loved it! So I’m happy I got it again.

Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain (full size retails for Php 1700) — One of those boring staples that gets easily overlooked, the Benetint is actually one of my favorite Benefit products.

Bathina Body Oil Mist (full size retails for Php 1800) — This has sweet almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E, a concoction that has moved it up from my meh list, where it was originally. The scent is okay, but I’m after its hydrating properties.

Benefit x BDJ Nox 2014-PosieBigEasy

Benefit x BDJ Nox 2014 - Theyre Real

Benefit x BDJ Nox 2014 - Bathina Benetint

And now, a list of my meh’s:

Big Easy Complexion Perfector (full size retails for Php 2000) — I’ve had this and tried it. It’s fine and I’ll use it up, but I don’t love it enough to spring for it for Php 2000.

They’re Real! Mascara (full size retails for Php 1300) — I love the effect of this mascara but it flakes like crazy and is such a bitch to remove. It’s so nice, though, but I can’t deal with its high maintenance ways.

My card was wrong, and I actually got the Bathina Scented Body Mist, which actually is a meh for me. It smells okay, but I can’t imagine myself reaching for this over my other perfumes.

Instant Comeback Facial Serum — I like skin care samples, but those in sachets rarely make a big impression on me that makes me want to buy the full size. This looks interesting, but I don’t think I’ll get to really test it properly. To be fair, though, this was a bonus item.

Total Moisture Facial Cream — Same as above, and also a bonus item. I like skin care samples, but I can’t really form a proper opinion on these small-sized ones.

Hello Gorgeous! Voucher — a free makeupper and brow consultation voucher… This is in my list of meh’s because I’m not sure if it covers the service cost or if it’s just a consultation of what you should do. Again, a bonus item.

Benefit x BDJ Nox 2014

Anyway, that’s it! Looks like a great party, right? I hope y’all enjoyed this unboxing! Have you tried BDJ Box yet? Which Benefit products are your favorites?

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  1. Okay, now I regret not subscribing to the November box. Huhuhu. I haven’t really tried a lot of Benefit products so this might have been a good way to introduce myself to some of them. But huhuhuhu. Damn. I should really start subscribing to BDJ. They’ve been releasing some pretty good boxes lately.

    • I think it’s really, really hard to be consistent when your category is as broad as “beauty,” to be honest. It’s a little risky to sub when there’s a great chance it might be a box you wouldn’t really enjoy.

  2. I’ve been using Benefit’s They’re Real! Eyeliner since July and it’s my favorite gel liner. 🙂 I went to the gym straight from work and after working out for 2 hours, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my eyeliner had stayed put! 😀

  3. I’m really at a loss with why a lot of people don’t like the They’re Real mascara too much! It’s my favorite and it has never flaked on me. 😦

    Maybe try it on a layer of MAC Prep + Prime? That’s how I always apply it! 🙂

    • Haha good for you! I’d rather not have to use two products for lashes, esp. since I try not to buy non-CF brands. Happy it works for you, though. 🙂

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