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Too Cool for School’s Bestselling Lip Products

I was so thrilled to receive these three bestselling lip products from Too Cool for School to try out. Among the sea of girly, frilly, and soft-looking Korean brands, Too Cool for School definitely stands out because of their strong branding, identity, and packaging. The good thing is: their products are great, too!

Too Cool for School

I received three of their bestselling lip products:

  • Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lips* (Php 715) — a soft nude lip best used to counter the intensity of a smoky eye.
  • Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass* (Php 435) — a plumping lip gloss with a high-gloss, jelly system that provides moisture and vivid lipstick-like color.
  • Max in Pocket Lip Balm* (Php 605) — it’s a pocket-sized lip balm with a chain, which makes it so great for travel. I was super excited for this as Krysty raved about it a few months ago.

OK, let’s go by chronological order because I have no imagination.

The Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lip Color* is a great nude lipstick, housed in an edgy (as far as makeup goes) black bullet with lots of graphic detail. Although it is a great lipstick, I’m not sure it’s the kind of nude that I like on myself, personally.

Using Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lip Color:
Too Cool For School - Smoky Nude - Face

It’s not bad, just not a nude I would pick out for myself. 🙂 I tend to go one or two shades darker than my skin tone, which I realize defeats the purpose of a “nude” lip, but I just don’t like that look on me.

TCFS Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass - Product

The Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass* is such a great little gloss, and this is coming from a gloss-hater. It’s a pale pink gloss with what looks to be like fine pink and silver shimmer.

TCFS Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass - Face

The finish has a milky look to it that you can definitely sheer out to a less white-based shade. It’s a beautiful topper gloss, just to add that bit of oomph to a lip color. Also, I’m not too crazy about artificial candy scents, but I like the scent of this one quite a bit.

TCFS Max in Pocket Lip Balm

Finally, I have the Max in Pocket Lip Balm* in the shade 3, which is a pretty peachy coral shade. I think Krysty has a redder shade, but this is perfect to me!

TCFS Max in Pocket Lip Balm - Face

It’s brightening for my skin tone and add just a touch of a pretty shine to my lips, while hydrating them. Guess what? It comes with a mirror, too!

I just realized that these are probably my first TCFS lip products. I’m so surprised, though I usually gravitate towards eye products first (which totally happened). In any case, all three are wins for me.

Have you tried Too Cool for School products? Which are your favorites (so I can get them, lol)?

* PR Sample

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  1. So glad you love Max! I also like their Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. It’s pretty cool and hydrating. Use it once or twice a week.

    • I luff him. :3 I got the sleeping pack in a BDJ Box and I use it every so often! I’ll try to remember to use it more regularly. 🙂

  2. I love reading posts about Too Cool for School because I get to look at the packaging hehe. I’ve heard lots of good things about their CC cream with the inbuilt blush and highlighter in the lid but I haven’t tried it. Planning on picking up some products in Korea!

    • PLEASE DO. When are you going/where are you staying? Hongdae is such a great and fun area, but Myeongdong is fun for shopping for beauty products because they give you SO MUCH free samples, lol.

  3. I haven’t tried any TCFC products but some friends are recommending their liquid eyeliner something. Their packaging’s really cute! And I actually the nude lipstick on you. Ang fresh! 🙂

  4. The Max in Pocket balm is adorable…his face seriously encapsulates “too cool for school.” I love the Dinoplatz collection, but I couldn’t even tell you what products are in it. DINOSAURS INVADING NEW YORK WIN EVERYTHING.

    • I KNOW. He’s like “ugh” and also so so so QT. I love the Dinoplatz collection too! 😀 I kind of forget about everything else they sell.

  5. I’ve seen this brand in a local store but I’ve never heard anything about it! These products sound pretty great! The lip balm is so adorable, I may have to check it out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. Noodles says

    TCFC has a few single eyeshadows I like, and one tinted lip balm I really like. The packaging is cute and interesting, but the name TCFC kinda turns me off…

  7. bellyhead says

    I used to LOVE going to the Too Cool for School shops when I lived in Seoul. Their volumizing mascara was one I used all the time. I didn’t think their cosmetic quality was very good, but really who cares when the adorable packaging is ADORABLE?!

    • I love them, though! Lol. Just out of curiosity, where did you live there? 🙂 I got to explore, I think, quite a lot of areas.

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