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New from Ellis Faas: Glow Up

Ellis Faas Glow Up

I don’t really post a lot of PR posts here anymore, so I guess it’s kind of telling just how excited I am for this new release from Ellis Faas. Glow Up is a new line from their complexion products—a range of highlighters set to be released on December 1, aka tomorrow. I just thought I’d give you a heads up! Highlighter is something I’ll always be drawn to, despite having numerous types in various textures, shades, and finishes.

Light is a major player in makeup transformation, emphasizing shape and glow. Glow Up incorporates the soft focus properties of reflective pearls to attract light to your face, providing radiance with a soft subtle shimmer.

Ellis Faas Glow Up is a facial powder illuminator that’s available in three shades: S501 (Porcelain Glow), S502 (Satin Glow), S503 (Deep Glow), each shade growing progressively darker in order to match a wide spectrum of skintones and their glow.

If you’re not familiar with highlighter, you apply the product to parts of the skin on which light falls first: your upper cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the Cupid bow of your lip, and collarbone. This technique lets you play with light to create “a seductive emphasis on bone structure, and enhances your healthy and youthful appearance.”

Here’s Glow Up in use, showing the dramatic difference a little direction can make on your face:

Glow Up’s glide-on application gives a velvety feeling due to its micronisation technology. Glow Up also helps protect the skin from the environment because it contains vitamin E. No parabens. No oils. No animal testing.

Glow Up launches on 1 December 2014. Ellis Faas is available on many online retailers, but I’ve ordered some items from EllisFaas.com with no problems whatsoever.

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