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A Dream Team: Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes and Creamy Lips

I’d been wanting to try Ellis Faas for the longest time and was fortunate enough to have received three shades of their Hot Lips range (review) as well as some base products (Skin Veil and Concealer review). However, the thing I was most excited to try were their Creamy Eyes Liquid Eyeshadows. After a favorable experience with their brand, I decided to take the plunge and get two of shades of the Creamy Eyes and one shade from their Creamy Lips range.

Ellis Faas - Creamy Lips, L102, Creamy Eyes E106, E113 - Main

I got the Creamy Eyes in E106 and E113—a lilac taupe and a navy blue respectively. I was obsessed with trying them out because I heard of their no-budge, no-smudge, no-crease formula, even without a primer! The range, however, is kind of pricey, so I settled on two that I think were unique enough and still wearable.

I also got the Creamy Lips in L102, a deep plum wine.

Ellis Faas - Creamy Lips, L102, Creamy Eyes E106, E113 - Swatches
Swatched, L-R: Creamy Lips in L102, Creamy Eyes in E106 and E113

Ellis Faas - Creamy Lips, L102, Creamy Eyes E106, E113 - Tips

Here’s the difference between the two applicators: Creamy Lips (L), a sponge-type applicator, and Creamy Eyes (R), a brush.

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips - L102 - Face
Wearing Creamy Lips in L102. I wore this for a full five hours, through a meal, some dessert and coffee before needing to touch up, and even then, it wasn’t that awful-looking. I love the formula of the Creamy Lips, and though the applicator is a little fussy, it’s still way less messy than the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extraits. It’s kind of a liquid lipstick and is similar in formulation to the Ellis Faas Hot Lips, if a hair thicker.

It dries down mostly matte, but like most liquid lipsticks, it doesn’t set completely. Overall, I’m in love with this—perfect for the holidays if you like following seasonal trends!

5PF - N7 - Eye

I love wearing Creamy Eyes E106 on my eyes by itself. It’s such a great color for daily wear that adds depth and complexity to your eyes without much effort. The best part about it—aside from it being such a stunner—is that it doesn’t crease on me. Imagine that! What I thought was an impossible feat for a liquid-y product.

Glossier - Step 3 -2

Here’s both E106 and E113 on my eyes. This is when I found it kind of hard to work with. Though they blend together, you have very little time to do so before they set. Which is what happened here. In any case, I tried my best and instead of fingers, I used a synthetic brush, the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush, which is one of my favorite brushes. I wish it didn’t come in a set!

Another difficulty with these shadows is the packaging, unfortunately. Though I can afford to click away and be liberal with the concealers, it’s a little harder to do with the shadows unless you will apply the shade to a large area like the entire lid. As you can probably tell, I had trouble with keeping the navy to the outer corner.

All that said, I love the Creamy Eyes formula… It is, perhaps, what I had been searching for in a cream shadow ever since I tried to be more cruelty free with my makeup choices.

Anyway, I ordered directly from, though it is available through many, many online retailers. Let me know if you’d like me to link a few here. I’ve had an excellent experience with Ellis Faas, though, so I never really looked for another place to get them from.

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  1. GURRRL ANG GANDA!!! I want more Ellis Faas – baka mag order nako more! What’s the difference between Milky Lips and Cream Lips, though? Creamy is semi-matte and milky is glossy?

    • Omg pigilan mo ako, pls. Haha sobrang ganda ❤ Yeah, I think Creamy is more creamsheen/satin finish. I haven't tried Milky, pero from what I can tell, it's like a high pigment glossy lipstick that's still opaque.

  2. Ahh lucky you, Carina! I tried the cream shadow, but it fades on me even on top of a primer! It’s a pity because I really like some of the shades, but I guess the formula is just not for me ;( REALLY love that lippie on you! ❤

    • Really?? That’s so strange! Mine stays put without a primer, and usually I can’t get ANYTHING to do that. Thank you so much! x

      • Hey, new layout! Loving it!

        I know. It’s a real pity. I’ve found plenty of formulas that stay put on me well, but literally within the first half an hour, I could see this formula wasn’t going to cut it. Too bad!

      • Thank you, Sunny! I love it a lot myself. 😀

        Happy you found formulas that suit you more.

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