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New at Luxola: Luscious Cosmetics*

Luscious Cosmetics is one of the newest brands being offered on Luxola, an online shopping destination for beauty. I was able to try two items from them, the I Love Eyeshadow Palette* and the Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer/Base*.

Luscious Cosmetics is a beauty brand based in the UAE. Founded in 2007 by Mehrbano Sethi, Luscious Cosmetics’ mantra is “Celebrate Your Beauty!” As such, their products are formulated to “survive any climate” and are inspired by the “vivacious spirit and beauty traditions” of South Asia and the Middle East.

Their products are free from animal-derived ingredients, and on their website it says that they do not test on animals, but their packaging only states that they are “against” animal testing.

Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer/Base in Nude*

This tinted eye primer—”the guardian angel for your eye makeup!”—is a smooth, lightweight matte formula that makes for a long-lasting perfect canvas for your eye makeup. I received the shade Nude, which tints the eyelid a little, smoothing out discoloration or veins.

Luxola, Luscious Eye Primer Swatch Nude

Unfortunately, I received the item with faulty packaging (it was open from the opposite side of the nozzle/tube), so there was quite a bit of air exposure already. The formula was a little thick, but could still be blended out. Below are eyeshadows from the Luscious eyeshadow palette with and without eye primer:

Luxola, Luscious Exotic Island - Primer Swatch

The eye primer was made in the United States.

Luscious I Love Eyeshadow Palette in Exotic Island*

This is certainly one of the more adventurous eyeshadow selections I’ve tried. 🙂 The I Love Eyeshadow Palette comes with 12 shades that can be used wet or dry. The description says that it comes in a range of textures, but I didn’t notice much variety in Exotic Island. The eyeshadow palette is made in China.

Luxola, Luscious Exotic Island, Primer

Luxola, Luscious Exotic Island - Swatches

These swatches were made on dry skin, with no primer. They’re not extremely vibrant, but I they do so much better on top of a primer. I often feel like this “flexibility” in opacity can be great for bright eyeshadow shades, especially for the somewhat faint-of-heart like yours truly.

I’ll try to post looks in the next weeks using this palette, though that will truly be a challenge for me. Here’s to trying new things anyway! The right-most shades look like a duo I’ve been eyeing, so that’s a great start right away. 🙂

I also have a special reader’s code for 15% off on all first time orders at Luxola until the end of February. Just enter BLX-SPACES at checkout to avail of the 15% off discount!

Please note that the code is only valid until the end of February 2015 and is not applicable on the following non-discountable brands:
Dercos by Vichy
Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare
Real Techniques
Sigma Beauty
Koh Gen Doh

* PR Sample. I received these products from Luxola to try.

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  1. Pretty palette and cute box! I wish the code was also for non-first time purchases, haha. I went crazy during Luxola’s Cyber Monday sale last year and bought some Sleek stuff (which I really love!).

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