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Best Ever: K-Palette’s Reformulated Eyeliner

Not too long ago, I received quite the regal package (haha) from the local distributors of K-Palette. For the last few years, K-Palette has been my liquid eyeliner and eyebrow product of choice—something not to be taken lightly, given how fickle of a human being I am. But I digress. Inside the box were two shades of the new Best Ever K-Palette Real-Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP*, which is a mouthful but admittedly very descriptive!

K-Palette has been the #1 Eyeliner in Japan for 4 consecutive years. I have extremely oily lids that have weird-ass folds in them and these eyeliner have been the most iron-clad of the bunch that I’ve tried. They do eventually fade, but only after very long days.

KPalette Real Lasting 24H Eyeliner WP - Best Ever

The new “best ever” formula has increased their longevity (tough against water, sebum, and sweat), color (“even more vivid than a permanent marker”), and essence, or the skin care ingredients that are found in some of their other products. Apart from hyaluronic acid and water soluble collagen, both of which are anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients, Japanese green gentian or swertia japonica, which promotes lash growth and improves blood circulation, the new formula includes panthenol, which is a double care ingredient for skin and lashes, and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, which is a lash essence meant to strengthen them. I have the most pitiful lashes, so I’m looking forward to seeing if these would work out in the long-term.

KPalette Real Lasting 24H Eyeliner WP - Best Ever - Tips

The new liner I got is on the left, and as you can tell, there isn’t really a difference in terms of the brush tip. You can draw the same fine line or opt for a thicker line, when you add a little pressure.

KPalette Real Lasting 24H Eyeliner WP - Best Ever - Swatches

Swatched on the left is my K-Palette Rose-Scented Liquid Liner* and on the right are the Best Ever K-Palette Real-Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP in both SB001 Super Black* and DB001 Deep Brown*. I don’t usually use brown liquid liners, but this one’s great for subtle definition on casual days.

I’ve tried a bunch of Japanese liquid liners, such as KATE and Dolly Wink, and my favorite really has been the ones by K-Palette, ever since I started using them in late 2012.

The SRP of these new liners is Php 795 each. They’re available in Beauty Bar, Rustan’s The Beauty Source (ATC, Shangri-la, and Makati), and will soon be found in selected Watsons branches. YES!

Also, I emailed Jamela from the Beauty Box Corp. team to ask for a clarification on K-Palette’s animal testing status as I failed to find it online (believe me, I tried), and she informed me that they are cruelty-free and thanked me for taking the time to ask. Fingers crossed that this extends to selling in China/third party testers.

* Items marked with an asterisk are PR Samples.

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  1. This I got to try out. They really seem like good ones that should not be missed. I will be surely checking on this brand….

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