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Best Ever: K-Palette’s Reformulated Eyeliner

Not too long ago, I received quite the regal package (haha) from the local distributors of K-Palette. For the last few years, K-Palette has been my liquid eyeliner and eyebrow product of choice—something not to be taken lightly, given how fickle of a human being I am. But I digress. Inside the box were two shades of the new Best Ever K-Palette Real-Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP*, which is a mouthful but admittedly very descriptive!

New Old Face No. 2

Hello! Long time no see. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but it’s been a while since I posted a new look/FOTD. It’s been a bit quiet on the makeup front over here, but mainly because I’ve really been taking care of so many other things. I hope y’all still remember me! /end dramatics Here’s a New Old Face face that I wore today. 🙂 It’s been similar to what I’ve been wearing the past few weeks, though I’ve only decided to wear more of my bold lip colors… pretty much now.

Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie and Eye am Here to Stay Liquid Eyeliner

You know when you keep going back and forth, visiting a counter and swatching the same damn things and walking away? Yeah, well, I’ve been doing that dance for a few weeks before I finally caved and bought some items from Happy Skin Cosmetics, the newest local beauty brand that’s been making waves. It’s not even that hard to see why there’s buzz around this new line of cosmetics. They released only a handful of items, which is something I actually prefer for new baby brands because you know they took their time formulating the products and getting each one perfectly. I picked up the “friendliest” items of the bunch; at least, in my opinion. I have the Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Crushing on You, a pretty rosy mauve MLBB shade, and Summer Fling, which is a pinky peach. I also got Eye am Here to Stay 24h Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Perfect Black. I don’t think there are any other colors available at the moment. All of the items …

Le Métier de Beauté Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir

The Le Métier de Beauté Precision Liquid Eyeliner, which I got in the first LMdB Beauty Vault Box, costs a whopping $42. Dumbfounded? So am I. While in my book, it’s a beautiful liner that beats no other liquid liner in terms of ease of use, I’m not sure if that price tag is warranted. And so, I was pressed to find out if there is anything else that’s special about this little pen. From the Nordstrom website: Product Description: “More control than ever before in a liquid liner. This long-wearing, smudge-proof formula contains a unique, soft, quill-tipped applicator for precise control and definition. How to use: Apply light pressure for a thin line along upper lash line, or apply firm pressure for a thicker, more dramatic look.” I read through other reviews—this surprisingly got many 5-star raves—and someone said that the quill (or tip, similar to a felt-tip pen with a fine point) was made by Montblanc. That explains a lot. Don’t get me wrong—it’s pretty fantastic. But $42? I don’t know if I …

Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom

The Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom is a product that I wish I used more. I ordered it a few months ago and I’m a little ashamed to admit that it hasn’t seen the outside world that much yet because it got lost in all of my makeup hoarding recent acquisitions. From Sephora: This long-wearing liquid liner comes with a fine tip that allows for defined application, making it perfect for creating a defined eye—or even painting designs on the body. The waterproof formula dries within seconds and stays true for hours. So, I want to bring your attention to the tip. It’s awesome for application because it’s quite stiff, so it doesn’t really flex much and bend all over the place. You can’t get a super fine line with it, but it’s a thin enough line for me, and I’ve found that I prefer this type of applicator over the thin, bendy brushes from the likes of e.l.f.’s liquid eyeliner (review) or Le Métier de Beauté’s Indelible Inks (review). I love this so much! …

Drugstore Finds: e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner

After reading rave reviews on this, I decided to try it out. The e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner is a pretty straightforward product. It’s a liquid eyeliner, with a fine-tip brush and a pretty opaque formulation. Its brush allows it to draw thin, precise lines. I don’t really have a lot of trouble with this applicator even though it is super thin, which is weird because I am the worst at line control. It draws a pretty solid line, but it creases on my eyelid. The flexibility of the tip also allows you to draw different thicknesses of lines. If you are good at that. I usually just layer the lines over top of each other. 🙂 Here’s a fairly thin one on my upper lash line: I was looking for a cheaper alternative for my K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner, since that is pretty pricey. Though this e.l.f. one performs decently, I still prefer my HG liquid eyeliner. e.l.f. is cruelty-free.

Quickie: Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Inks in Castalia and Artemis

I have a hard time saying ‘no’ to things. Which is how I ended up with both colors of the Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Inks. These are great liquid liners with amazing colors: Artemis, which is a deep navy blue that has a little sheen to it, and Castalia which is a creamy, eggplant-y purple. I initially wanted to just get Artemis, but I can’t resist a pretty purple liner. The formula is a little thicker than I’m used to, definitely more creamy than liquid-y. Which I find kind of weird because the brush bristles are super duper thin and fine. I don’t know if the formula is to be blamed for this disaster: Or… if it’s just because of the brush’s super fine-ness. D: Now I have to heavily apply the formula to get the lines straight. I’ll try to apply it with a separate brush, though, but that just has “TOO MUCH EFFORT” written all over it. Still, it’s a beautiful color, don’t you think? Additionally, the formula is very long-wearing. To …