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Give Me Lip: A Melt Cosmetics Lipstick Review

I’d been looking at Melt Cosmetics for a while now, especially after they released their eyeshadow stacks, a very celebrated product that I felt like I currently had no room for, considering my already overgrown makeup collection. Melt Cosmetics’ lipsticks, however, were always some of the favored mattes by true blue makeup fans.

MeltCosmeticsLipsticks - Boxes

Around Black Friday, Melt Cosmetics had a 30% off sale, and I snagged a code from someone I followed on Tumblr, who was kind enough to share tips re: application and who also let me know which shades he favored. Luckily, I had picked 3 of his 4 favorites!

MeltCosmeticsLipsticks - Swatches - Laced, Catsuit, Space Cake
Swatched, L-R: Laced, Catsuit, Space Cake


MeltCosmeticsLipsticks - Laced

Laced is part of Melt Cosmetics’ Nood Collection, and is a greige-y type of color. It’s often compared to Lime Crime’s Cashmere, which I love the look of but refuse to buy. After looking at swatches, I don’t think they’re all that similar, but I do think Laced is a beautiful color regardless.

Melt Cosmetics - Laced
Unfortunately, my tube of Laced arrived damaged. Melt Cosmetics has a decent return policy, but seeing as I live overseas, I don’t want to go through all the trouble of sending the defective product back and waiting for it to arrive. I don’t want to spend for that, either, so I guess I’ll be using a lip brush from now on.

Although this is a super matte lipstick, it was quite painless to apply with a lip brush, so that’s a pro, for me. I use a flat lip brush, for reference.


MeltCosmeticsLipsticks - Catsuit
Catsuit is also from their Nood Collection, the darkest of the four lip shades. This is a “smooth dark chocolate” shade and that’s honestly a pretty perfect description. Pigmentation is impeccable, application a little hard just because it’s so pigmented and it’s hard to get clean lines with a lipstick bullet and no lip liner.

Sorry for phone pics! Anyway, it’s such a great statement lip, I’m screaming. I love the tone and richness of it.

Space Cake

MeltCosmeticsLipsticks - Space Cake

Space Cake is a grey, but it pulls really, really blue on me. So, it’s a blue-grey, I suppose. I love it so much. Is there a rule that says it’s not allowed for a lady in her late-ish 20s to love a grey lip? No? Good.

Melt Cosmetics Space Cake
To be honest, I looked into Melt Cosmetics because of Space Cake. I think I’m in a good place right now to try and see if I can truly rock the grey lip. Anyway, this shade is so good. I find it to be a bit smoother in application than the other two, kind of creamier but it also feels thicker and heavier.

MeltCosmeticsLipsticks - 1

Application may feel a bit hard at first since they tug a bit. Apparently, they’re supposed to be “warmed up,” but it’s really no trouble to apply at all.

Melt Cosmetics is cruelty-free. All of the shades I’ve purchased are vegan. I don’t consciously look for vegan cosmetics, but these ones are proof that you can make quality cosmetics without animal testing or animal-derived ingredients. Not all of Melt Cosmetics’ products are vegan, so check before you purchase.

They also have a pretty heavy vanilla-based frosting-y scent to them, which I, a vanilla-scent-hater, surprisingly do not mind all that much.

Although I feel like I’ve chosen pretty unique colors—at least, ones that I don’t have already—there are tons of dupes that are more available to the regular consumer, especially if you’re not really keen on going through the hassle of ordering online. Dupe That, for example, has an extensive list. I do love the Melt Cosmetics line, though—save for the broken bullet—so just know that if you’re looking for a new brand to support and love, I’m a fan.

* Items marked with an asterisk are PR Samples.

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  1. I’ve heard of this brand from a Swedish blog I follow. I love the look of Catsuit and Space Cake. And if there’s a rule about 20-somethings and gray lips, I certainly haven’t heard of it. 😉

  2. Saw this brand off some site before but never really looked into it until now. Because OMG, I love all the three colors you’ve got! Looks great on you too. Am not a make-up person because am lazy af, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with lip balms, tints, and somehow, lipsticks as well.
    Caffeine Rush

    • Thank you Louise! I think lipsticks are a lazy girl’s friend if they want to kinda play around with makeup a bit but not spend too much time or effort on it. 🙂

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