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Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP May 2015: Sexy Eye Palette + Why I Won’t Be Signing Up Again

Hello all! I come bearing a really beautiful thing today. This is the thing that came in the May box (sooo articulate…) for the Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP subscription. May was also conveniently the month that sign-ups for current subscribers opened back up for the next round. You can sign up here, if this interests you, but I’ve decided not to re-sub. More on that later, but believe me, this month’s offering nearly made me sign up again. For this month, I received an 18-pan palette called Sexy Eye Palette. If it looks familiar, I have a similar palette called Melange de Colour Fashion Eye Palette, which retailed for $95, like the LMdB Kaleidoscopes. They’re pretty different, but someone on found a Neiman Marcus GWP that looks a whole lot like the Sexy Eye Palette, but it was named Galore.

Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP: April 2015

The April offerings of Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP left a lot to be desired. At least, for me. Seeing as I stalk the Makeuptalk thread for this subscription service, I already knew that I wouldn’t really like the box that was coming my way. For one thing, it had two nail lacquers and a—excuse my French—pretty gross baby blue eyeshadow. Based on what I have read, a lot of subscribers received Cocoa Cabana, something I had already received in February 2014. A no-repeat of products was guaranteed, which is part of why I signed up for it for a second round. I contacted PR/customer service and have yet to receive a reply, which is pretty unlike my previous experiences with LMdB. I don’t mind repeat products if I love them; I just don’t particularly care for nail varnish, much less this color I’m ambivalent about that I also already have.

Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP March 2015

I actually got this up on time, ish! Go me. If you’re new, the Beauty Vault VIP is an annual beauty subscription by Le Métier de Beauté that’s on its second year. Each month’s box “costs” about $30, which is a pretty good deal considering LMdB’s usual price point which, let’s face it, is sky-high. I haven’t bought any new makeup items this year (so far), and I think my desire for new makeup is curbed in part by these monthly arrivals. 🙂 I’m pretty happy with the March box, which is a set of what looks like to be one Lip Crème and one Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss. I am a fan of both, so I’m on board this train. It’s been met with lukewarm reviews, from the BVVIP forum I frequent, and though I’ve yet to wear these shades in particular, both of these lip gloss formulas are two of the few I do like anyway.

Unboxing: Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP December 2014

Le Métier de Beauté is a bout just as good as it gets when it comes to eyeshadow formulas. For the December box of their Beauty Vault VIP subscription, they sent out two exclusive VIP program eyeshadows in nameless shades described as “Deep Emerald Green” and “Shimmery Sand-White,” a festive selection for the holidays. I always appreciate it when I get eyeshadows from LMdB, simply because they make some of the best that I’ve tried. They are triple-milled, which is perfect for layering and blending together. Some of the shades I own have questionable pigmentation (especially the dark mattes like Noir), but the formula is perfect for building up the color and blending with other shadows without looking muddy. The Shimmery Sand-White shade can go on a little bit thick/chunky, so a light hand is probably all you’d need with this. The Dark Emerald Green is so beautiful and iridescent. It reminds me of beetles, for some reason. Blended together, you get a silver shade that has a slight green undertone. I’m looking forward to …

Unboxing: Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP November 2014

Hey everyone! I just got back from Seoul last night, and came home to a bunch of beauty stuff that came in while I was away. (Oops.) First up in this accidental series of unboxings is the Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP sub box for November 2014—essentially an LMdB makeup bag with two Dualistic Lip Pencils (Nudité and Rouge) and two sample packets, the Revitalizing Anti-Aging Day Crème and the Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Night Crème. I already have the lip pencil in Nudité, and I was happy to get another one of it. Rouge is also an interesting color to have. As far as lip pencils go, these are two pretty standard shades that will get a lot of use from me. As for skin care, I generally have had really, really great experiences with Le Métier de Beauté skin care. It introduced me to retinol, which is something I swear by now. That said, I will probably pass on these items to my mom, as I already have a bunch of great skin …

Unboxing: Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP September and October 2014

I’ve been running behind on unboxing posts for the Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP, a monthly subscription box for the brand. (Not that anyone looks forward to these, amirite?) They are on their second year of the program, and I’ve got to admit that it just keeps getting better! For a subscription program that requires subscribers to pay upfront for the entire year, expectations are understandably high. Luckily, we’ve been getting awesome products (see other unboxing posts here), the only hitch being their sometimes slow and inadequate responses to customer service queries. For September, the second month of the sub as shipments start getting mailed out in August, the product is the Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe, a tinted base that provides “sheer natural-looking coverage for instant smoothing and perfecting.” It can be used as a standalone (very sheer!) foundation or as a luminous base under other foundations.