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Lady Dior Web Documentary

While looking for my favorite Spring 2013 looks on the runway, I stumbled upon a sweet video made for The House of Dior. Part 4 of the web documentary, Lady Dior, it features charming illustrations and a song with the lyrics written and sung by Marion Cotillard. Entitled Lily’s Body, the fourth episode depicts the history of Dior in a romantic, Parisienne animation.

Naturally, I looked for the rest.

Episode 1: Fantasia – Marion Cotillard visits the Dior workshops and oversees the work on her gown for Cannes.

Episode 2: Up and Up – In which we get a peek at the beautiful, constructed dress, some behind-the-scenes shots at photoshoots, and a glimpse of her singing a Beirut song.

“The expertise of so many people at the service of one person’s imagination, craftsmanship at the service of art: I find it all quite fascinating.” — Marion Cottillard

Episode 3: La métamorphose – A photoshoot for Dior with Marion Cottilard donning some very beautiful haute couture dresses.

It’s better to watch them all in order. I didn’t get the last video until I saw the rest and did a bit of Googling. I really enjoyed this series and I hope this isn’t the last of it!

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