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Playlist: Playing with Prestigious Bordeaux

So, I woke up this morning and thought about playing with my new Prestigious Bordeaux eye and cheek palette from Shu Uemura’s Karl Lagerfeld collection, which I reviewed here.

(image from here)

Bordeaux is a mix of red and violet, with a hint of brown (see here). A color close to it is Pantone’s 221 (which they call Rose Pink for some reason). The Prestigious Palette shades seems to be a deconstruction of the color, separating the tones into their own pans.

Since there are two distinct group of colors—purple and brown—in the palette, I wanted to try out looks that don’t result into a muddy mess. I looked at Patricia Lee’s tutorials, since she posted about two looks that used the purples and the browns. Anyway, I tried.

(Also, please remember that I did this after waking up. The only products on my face are Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, a bit of concealer, Smith’s Rosebud Salve on the lips, and the palette colors itself. My hair is funny.)

My (actual) right eye, left on your screen, was the result of the purple how-to, and my left eye, or right eye on your screen, was the result of the brown. From the onset, there’s not much of a difference, but then again I’m still practicing my application and blending techniques. 🙂

As a blind test, I asked my siblings what they thought about my eyes, without telling them that I used different colors. My sister said that the brown eye was warmer, and my brother said that the left eye (brown) wasn’t blended as well.

My eyes are uneven, so I guess lining the bigger eye (purple) made it hard to notice that they are actually different looks, too.

Close-up! I really need to get my eyebrows shaped.

Trying both these looks out, side by side, made me think it’s a great all-around palette. Both looks are quite dark for the daytime, though, but I think that if I toned both down a little by using more of the lighter shades, then I could use this palette for a few day-to-night looks.


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