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LUSH Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

If you recall my Going Cruelty-Free post on facial cleansers, I had mentioned I needed to find a good makeup remover replacement since the one I’d been using wasn’t and I was nearly out of it (i.e. Laneige Eye & Lip Waterproof Remover, which is pretty much amazing). I want to thank everyone who left a suggestion. Many of them, I wanted to try but can’t get a hold of here. One of the ones I could get was LUSH’s Ultrabland.

LUSH - Ultra Bland

Ultrabland is essentially a facial cleanser, though one that is vastly different from the first one I tried, Aqua Marina. Instead of coming from a spongy loaf, like some of their cleansers, Ultrablend is a creamy product that has a nondescript (though a little unpleasant) smell.

LUSH Ultrabland

You take a bit of it and slather it all over your face. I rub away heavier makeup like mascara with the gunk still on my face. Then, instead of washing it off, you take a damp flannel cloth or cotton pad and then wipe the cream—and all your makeup—away.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, and I love it a lot. So far, Ultrabland hasn’t broken me out. Though the pot can be seen as unhygienic, I do make sure that I wash my hands thoroughly before dipping my fingers in.

It’s fairly easy to use, not at all unpleasant, though I do find that it leaves behind a weird somewhat tacky film behind, so I like to follow it up with another cleanser. Maybe I’m just not wiping it away thoroughly, but even washing my hands with soap doesn’t get rid of the uncomfortable tackiness. I think you can also use warm water to kind of dissolve the cream, too.

I do like it, though. It does what the other cleansers I’ve tried promised to do, which is take off mascara, and Ultrabland doesn’t even say that it will. It just tells you, flat-out, that it’s a good product and as far as I’m concerned, it delivers.

Ultrabland is available at LUSH outlets in Manila for Php 525 for 42g of product. LUSH is a cruelty-free brand, against animal testing.


  1. yay you got this & it is working for you! I haven’t tried with a cloth yet and i just rinse it off with warm water. it definitely helps with the residue thing

  2. Try it with hot-cloth method! Basically run hot water (well, not boiling hot to burn fingers, but a bit hotter than you would use on your body in shower) and soak either cotton pads or muslin cloth or small towel under it and use that to wipe off product. There’s this Liz Early product people are raving about that uses this technique, but I found it works with pretty much any cream-type cleanser / makeup remover.

    • I did it with warm water, and it helped very little. There’s just a yucky residue thing that keeps getting left behind except when I go over it with a facial cleanser. Thank you, though!

  3. Whenever I feel like I need new skin, I like to combine a little bit of Ultrabland and Ocean Salt together and use like a normal face wash, it combines nicely to make a not-too-harsh exfoliant — and it won’t leave that icky film behind, either!

  4. Hmmm a tacky film sounds sort of annoying. :/ but maybe that’s my greasy skin – phobia talking. Besides that it sounds great though! So far the aqua marina one is my fav. 😀

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