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Sample Stash Sunday: Decanting my Shiro Samples

Shiro Decant

If you’ve purchased from Shiro Cosmetics before, you’d know that they send candy and sometimes, sample baggies out with your order. I’ve had these for a while, but have never gotten around to transferring them into little pots until recently. I thought it would be a messy affair, but it was quite easy and fuss-free.

I’d write up a tutorial, but you just literally pour out the contents into a small container (like this mini pot or an old contact lens case) and that’s that. For easier cleanup, do this with a paper towel over your desk.

Shiro also seals each baggie with a circular sticker of the eyeshadow name, with ingredients and an indication of whether or not the shade is lip-safe. A+!

Shiro Swatches - 1

I don’t have a lot of containers, so I’ve only decanted three eyeshadows so far. From L-R, we have Everything is Bears, which was a Color of the Month, Victory Road, and Badger. I bought all the shades except Victory Road.

Everything is Bears is a “Rich, dark brown packed with gold glitter (because bears are the kings of the forest) and red sparks (representative of the blood of mauled hikers).” I think the brown base doesn’t show up as deeply as it would have you believe in the pot.

Victory Road is from The Super Effective Collection. It’s a “Dark gray-green with a lighter green shimmer,” that sort of makes it look like a duochrome, in a way. You can definitely see the lighter green more. I quite like it and am happy to see that it’s still available for purchase.

Badger is from the Badger-Mushroom-Snake Collection, and it’s a “shimmery blackened chocolate with sparks of uncaring honey.” This is freaking beautiful, you guys. Normally, I have a hard time telling the many colors of sparks and glitter there is in a shade. I just know that there’s something shiny in it and I don’t really successfully inspect the color. But wow, this was gorgeous and there was a sort of red quality that really shows up starkly against the rich chocolate brown.

Shiro Swatches - 2

Here’s another set of swatches to show you the shifts in color. I find Victory Road and Badger to be really stunning and I’m likely to repurchase them one of these days.

Wearing Victory Road, over LUSH’s Sophisticated:
Victory Road - Face

Wearing Everything is Bears, as a liner, which isn’t such a good idea. The glitter fell on my lashes:

Shiro - Everything Is Bears

Shiro Decant 2

I have four more unopened samples, but I actually have two of the ones she sent me already. All in all, I’m a big fan of Shiro Cosmetics, and I’m happy that they are generous enough to send along some samples sometimes when you make a purchase.

Shiro Cosmetics is cruelty-free.


  1. Now I know what to do with those contact lens containers! I have a ton of them which comes free with my CL solution. You’re making me want try loose pigments with these Shiro eyeshadows.

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