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Yay or Nay: Makeup on a Plane?


Thoughts on this? Up until recently, I didn’t think anything of people wearing makeup on plane rides. In fact, I was surprised that people skipped on makeup when they’re going overseas. I guess they didn’t want to sit and stew in their made-up faces? Is there any other reason why it’s not advisable to wear makeup on airplanes? Please enlighten me.

Personally, I don’t really care either way. It depends on how much time I have. I do keep some type of hydrating lip product in my bag, in case of severely cracked lips. But other than that, I carry on as usual.


For long-haul flights, I get why people would rather go bare-faced, though. I’ve never really been fussy about makeup and removal until I started wearing a ton of it, but back when I didn’t really wear much, I didn’t really have to remove much, either. It kind of just fades throughout the day, too. LOL. Which works for me, I guess! (No, Carina. That is bad, bad, bad.)

Anyway, I find that my skin isn’t really all that fussy, or if it is, I don’t associate it with me leaving makeup on during a plane ride.

Thoughts? Do share! I would really love to know what you think and/or what you personally do. 🙂


  1. I would probably go light on the makeup. Just a BB cream, mascara, and a lip balm. I’d be afraid of doing more than that just for the sake of my skin.


  2. Personally I never wear makeup on the plane. I’d usually fall asleep at one point, for a ride longer than an hour, and when I wake up I’ll probably rub my eyes and smear it all over or something. I don’t even wear my contacts because I’m afraid they’ll dry out.

  3. Julie (skinnyjeansandchaneldreams) says

    I only recently started wearing more makeup, so when I’ve done long flights in the past, there wasn’t much to deal with because I didn’t wear a lot of makeup to begin with. I guess I still don’t wear as much makeup as some, but I’d probably just wear my normal makeup, take it off with a makeup removing wipe before I went to sleep, and apply something light before disembarking. My guess is that people go light on makeup so they don’t have to worry about removing it, etc.

  4. If the plane ride is anywhere between 1 – 6 hours, I just keep my makeup on but make it a point to moisturize a bit more before applying it on that day. The air in aircrafts is extremely drying and I can feel it at around the 4th hour (lol, observant).

    If it’s a super long flight, I wear just my base, mascara, blush, and a lip product to the airport and until I’m on the plane. Once we’re in the air, I take it ALL off (I bring a expandable towel hehe) and put a heavy moisturizer on. Then I sleep. An hour before landing, I put on sunblock (unless arriving at night), powder, and something on the lips.

    As for wearing makeup on the plane in the first place, I say yea! At least in the airport. I’m one of those people who thinks looking presentable is way of respecting others. But I guess the trend in travelling these days is comfort, which is understandable. No more dressing up to fly since almost everyone can do it these days…the number one concern is getting around all those people and being the first in line at immigrations. Haha!

    Long comment, sorry! Haha. Again, enjoy your trips! 😉

  5. Haha, hi Carina! Lisa Eldridge did a highly entertaining youtube video on her airplane routine, have you seen it? I loved it! Anyway, me, I moisturize plenty, then apply some sort of (liquid/cream) tint on my cheeks and lips. I only apply Lip Ice from time to time to keep my lips hydrated (and well, nice-looking). I never liked putting makeup on when travelling because I like to sleep on planes (and buses and cars, anything moving really) AND I want a bare face in case I want to try makeup sa Duty Free! 🙂 And oh, I bring a mist! Life saver!!!

  6. I’ve never given it much thought! I like traveling but I don’t like planes, so I try to just fall asleep from take-off to landing.

  7. For domestic or SEA flights I just keep it on. On long haul flights I take it off soon after takeoff, moisturize more than usual, then put it back on after breakfast. Heehee.

  8. I’ve been on a long haul one recently, and I kept my face bare and just moisturized. The cabin isn’t really conducive to having makeup on. I imagine that for short flights it should be okay, especially if your schedule demands that you be presentable right after you land.

  9. I personally hate traveling and wouldn’t want to add to the experience by worrying about whether my makeup has smeared, but at the same time I look like a sleep-deprived alien when I get off the plane sooo…I guess it just depends on how self-conscious I am on that particular day 🙂

  10. I never wear makeup on the plane (and I fly frequently), just a nice light face oil and lip balm. When I travel for long periods of time, I have a lipstick and mascara but that’s it. My skin is good because I eat healthy!

  11. For plane rides of 2-3 hours, I would wear my make-up as usual. But if it’s more than that, I wouldn’t bother. Especially for really long flights, I would be carrying tons of stuff that makes me sweat and all. And on the plane, no one would look at me and I would just sleep anyway. So I’m really not that fussed about makeup when plane-travelling 🙂

  12. The Family Fang! I love that book. Haha anyway, all I really ever need on my face during plane rides are moisturizer and a good lip balm. And maybe some Avene or some mist to spritz on when the plane lands. I guess it depends on where you’re going, yeah? 🙂

  13. I always wear make up on planes and I always bring it with me to touch up too, since travelling takes it out of you, and so far I have only travelled for holidays and that means holiday pics lol

    Steph x

  14. Steph says

    Hi Carina! For short flights, I put makeup on (can’t not. hehe). When flying long-haul though, I keep it on until I feel sleepy (usually after the first meal), then I take it all off and put night cream and a ton of lip balm (this usually means I’ve put on a lip stain earlier). Before breakfast, I clean my face with wipes and apply tinted moisturizer and powder, lip stain then lip balm. Prior to landing, I wipe it all off and put on foundation, cream blush, eyebrow gel and loose powder. It sounds complicated but I’ve managed to streamline traveling with all that junk in my bag.

    Also I take 500mg vitamin C during the first meal, and again during the last meal before landing, and drink tons of water. I just felt the need to mention this, haha.

  15. I wear makeups for short flights, but stick to eyebrow + lipstick for long haul flights. Good enough for me, lol. It’s just recently when I found out that other people have an entire skincare regimen for long haul flights! Uhm, I find that a bit overkill, tbh.

  16. I usually just wear bb cream, maaaybe mascara but it depends on the time of day/if I’m doing something right after I get off the plane and whatever lip product my heart desires. Although I have worn a full face of makeup on flights before. I used to hate sleeping on airplanes, sleeping next to strangers is just odd, you just never know what kind of person they are. I’ve traveled a lot more this year than ever before so I guess I’ve kind of gotten used to it and can nap during flights. I’m planning a trip to France/Italy next year and when that comes, I might go with a bb cream but most likely I remove it with a wipe sometime during the flight and maybe reapply before landing. In a drying environment like that, it’s probably important for skin to stay moisturized so I’ll try my best. Haha. Its hard to say since Dallas can feel like such a superficial place sometimes, I’ve met people who have to look their best all the time.

  17. Jennifer says

    I keep make-up to a minimal on plane rides: bb cream, mascara, brow liner, and of course lip balm. I find that I feel more comfortable without layers and layers of stuff on my face. Also, I figure I’m not trying to impress anyone on the flight, haha, but I should put enough make-up on to look put-together. The one time I took one of those crazy 18-hr flights, I didn’t bother with make-up at all. (Nothing like jet lag, traveler’s fatigue, AND stale make-up to make one feel unkempt upon landing, lol.)

  18. I just wear my makeup as usual, really. When I’m on a plane, the last thing I want to worry about is removing makeup, putting it on, products, etc. The bathrooms gross me out and I try to use a little water in there as possible. I don’t even like brushing my teeth in plane bathrooms. So once I get to my destination, I’ll take whatever is left of my makeup off. I usually wear my makeup for long periods of time, I mean my days are often 14 hours from when I leave to when I arrive back home, so it’s not really any different than that. If my skin were better, I’d skip foundation so I could sleep without any consideration to whether my foundation was going to transfer, but I always wear foundation, and I guess I’m used to being aware that I’m wearing it/not smearing it

  19. lol i never thought people did anything differently on planes. like, if they wore it then i always assumed they just kept wearing it, etc. i never do, but only bc i am really bad at wearing makeup on a daily basis and am always oversleeping or too busy on days i fly to put anything on lol

  20. My skin doesn’t really get super dry on plane rides – so, I’ve never really understood the whole bare faced/extra moisturizer argument. I usually just go with concealer and mascara when I am traveling. There isn’t a lot of time for touch-ups, and I wouldn’t really want to be worrying if my eyeshadow is creasing when I am trying to get on a plane. 😉

  21. I like having tons of face and lip moisturizer. I usually put very light foundation with eyebrows and lips only. I don’t even bother with mascara and other eye products because I usually wear a sleeping mask. I freshen up before landing, brushing teeth included! 🙂

  22. My skin gets really dehydrated to the point where it starts to produce too much oil and hence all the makeup I’d wear inevitably slides off and I look a hot mess, so I don’t bother doing makeup to go on a plane, especially on a long haul flight where I’d just have to take it off after some time anyway, which is a pain in the butt in a tiny plane cubicle. Lip balm and a hair brush and hair tie are my only beauty staples on a plane ride in the end.

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