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Happy Skin Eye Need a Miracle Concealer

Happy Skin - Eye Need a Miracle

So, I dragged my mom to a Happy Skin Counter and this is what she ended up getting. To be honest, I think she got the Eye Need a Miracle Concealer for me, since I wouldn’t shut up about it. I didn’t want to buy it just yet because it had an alarming amount of glitter in it, for something that’s supposed to conceal dark circles.

Happy Skin - Eye Need a Miracle - Tube

Eye Need a Miracle only has one shade, Butter, and I’ve been told that it “adjusts” to any skin tone. I’m a big ol’ skeptic when it comes to these things because I can’t fathom how that works out, but it swatches fine on my medium skin color:

Happy Skin - Eye Need a Miracle - Swatch

The shimmer isn’t apparent here, and compared to other liquid concealers that I have and use (i.e. K-Palette and Bourjois Healthy Mix, which come to think of it, has shimmer, too), this formula is a bit on the drier side. It’s actually quite pale when you haven’t blended it out yet, but the consistency is good and the coverage is medium and buildable. It’s just a little troublesome to blend under the actual eye since you don’t want to be doing a lot of tugging in that area.

Happy Skin - Eye Need a Miracle - Before and After

Here it is in action—taken in natural light. As you can see, it neutralized and canceled out the purple tones under the eye and evened out my skin tone. Nothing to do about bags, but I wasn’t expecting any miracles! I’m happy to report that this doesn’t settle into fine lines, so there’s that. Also, you can see some of the sparkly bits on there.

Happy Skin - Eye Need a Miracle - Sparkly Swatch

Here’s a swatch that shows you how sparkly it is, kind of. It’s actually more sparkly than that in real life, at least as far as swatches go. On the under eye area, the sparkles aren’t really that visible unless you’re like, 3 inches away from the wearer’s face. Here’s what it looks like, in artificial white light, from a respectable distance:

Happy Skin - Eye Need a Miracle - Artificial Light Eye

I think it actually does a great job of concealing and brightening up that area, I think, especially in this kind of lighting. In dim, or yellowy light, the sparkles are kind of more pronounced.

The longevity, without a setting powder, is quite decent—about 5 hours before it wears off.

Overall, this is another hit from Happy Skin! I’ve reviewed two other things from their current line, the Moisturizing Lippies and the Liquid Eyeliner. You can read about them here. I have another product and another shade of Shut Up & Kiss Me at my disposal for a review, if anyone is interested.

Happy Skin - Haul 2

Happy Skin is available at Plains and Prints outlets, Beauty Bar, and Rustans. They are local and cruelty-free.


  1. Steph says

    Me me me! I want to read your review! I have one of the Shut Up and Kiss Me lippies in nude and I love it! I like reading your reviews 🙂

  2. ” I have another product and another shade of Shut Up & Kiss Me at my disposal for a review, if anyone is interested.” Always a YES! 😛

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