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Summer Babe: Lips

“Summer Babe” is a song by Pavement and it has nothing to do with this post. (Sorry.)

OK, it has marginal relation, and that is—the summer time! Here are a few lip colors that I think you should try wearing during the hot summer months. I don’t know about you, but I am rather uncharacteristically being drawn to brights and semi-bright-ish lip colors. Picking a coral or an orange lip gives me unexpected exhilaration. Strange, but true.

Summer Brights - Lipsticks

Four lip colors in my rotation are Le Métier de Beauté Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Riviera, MAC Satin Lipstick in Betty Bright, 3CE Lip Lacquer in Pink Boom*, and Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick in Bold. I have a few lipsticks that I’m taking out for a spin this season, but these represent the spectrum of shades pretty well.

Summer Brights - Swatches

— Le Métier de Beauté Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Riviera: warm, orange-based red
— MAC Satin Lipstick in Betty Bright: bright, light pinky coral
— 3CE Lip Lacquer in Pink Boom: neon pink
— Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick in Bold: bright coral

What are your go-to lip colors this summer?

* PR Sample

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  1. My lips are calling out for that Tarte Glamazon. Get on my lips you luscious-looking lipstick!

  2. Nyx butter lipstick in Fireball, Big Cherry & Hot Tamale. VMV sheer lip tint in Cherry Fudge & Glazed Plum. Hmmm. Parang puro red pa rin. :/

    That Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance lipstick is gorgeous!

  3. does the 3ce lip lacquer go on well on your lips? the shade i have, although beautiful, highlights every little line i have on my lips huhu!

  4. Chanel RCS in Suspense and good old NARS Dragon Girl. Though I just bought MAC Rebel, so that probably.

    • Rebel is so pretty but I really can’t wear purple-y lips unless it’s like nearly black or close to red!

  5. Tarte Glamazon will be stolen by me in the dead of night ❤ I don't know why but as the heat gets worse I also turn to my no-brainer pinks and corals. Something about the heat and brightness doesn't agree with bold lip colors.

    • You mean like dark-bold? Ako rin, gusto ko may konting brightness! Haha I usually go for MLBBs and vamps. 🙂

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