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Carina Santos: Outfit Repeater

I claimed, once upon a time, that this was a beauty and style blog, and I did in fact post the occasional OOTD here and there. I think the reason for that is that I am the type of person who chooses comfort over style, always. The other reason is that I am a complete outfit repeater.

I don’t really have a lot of outfit pictures, so I looked for instances that I repeated whole outfits, or at least the major components of them.

Yay Comfort
For your reference and for the sake of this post: when I started caring about clothes (after college, sadly, lol), I went for better-looking comfort, so I had a lot of cardigans, pull-overs, short-sleeved sweaters, vests, etc. to make my outfits look a bit more put together than your true blue basics. I mean, these are still basics, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Ahem.

Okay, so let’s start with a really funny picture in which I try to look “fierce,” lol. This was from a magazine feature! The makeup was done by Patrick from shu uemura and this was around the time that I was about to fall into an obsessive makeup spiral.

Grey Shirt, Green Pants - Jul 2012
Taken in July-ish 2012 by Everywhere We Shoot For Preview Magazine.

Watch me repeat everything (sans shoes)…

Grey Shirt, Green Pants - Sep 2012
… in September 2012!
Outfit #1 Details: Top (Uniqlo), Pants (Zara), Flats in first picture (Muji), Sneakers in second picture (Tretorn)

In April 2012, I put together this outfit for a Young Star event.
Shirt, Orange Skirt - Apr 2012

Here it is again in September 2012, with a little shoe switcheroo.
Shirt, Orange Skirt - Sep 2012
Outfit #2 Details: Top (Forever 21), Skirt (Forever 21), Sneakers #1 (Keds), Sneakers #2 (Tretorn)

Watch that same top’s reappearing act from its first day out in April 2012…
Silk Top - Apr 2012

… then again in July 2012…
Silk Top - Jul 2012
Photo by Joseph Pascual for Chalk Magazine

… and another time in August 2012…
Silk Top - Aug 2012
Photo by Sarie Cruz

… then again in September 2012 (which I’ve already shown above)… and then finally in December 2012. As far as photographs on Facebook are concerned anyway.
Silk Top - Dec 2012
Photo by Joseph Pascual

Outfit #3 Details: Top (Forever 21), Pants (Uniqlo), Flats (Muji)
Outfit #4 Details: Top (Forever 21), Pants (Zara), Chambray shirt (nicked from Sarie)
Outfit #5 Details: Top (Forever 21), Jeans (Zara)

And for my next trick… another entirely duplicated outfit:
Cheap Monday Shirt, Zara Pants, Clarks Boots - Aug 2013
Photo by Ling Quisumbing
August 2013, at an exhibit.

Cheap Monday Shirt, Zara Pants, Clarks Boots - May 2014
Photo by Gabby Cantero

May 2014, for a shoot!
Outfit #6 Details: Top (Cheap Monday), Jeans (Zara), Boots (Clarks)

In other “Repeated Outfit News,” here’s another one, first worn in July 2013…
Hare Dress - July 2013
Photo by Gabby Cantero

… and again on November 2013. Though I did manage to change my shoes.
Hare Dress - Nov 2013
Photo by Romeo Lee

Outfit #7 Details: Dress (Hare), Sweater (Hare), Boots in first picture (Clarks), Sneakers in second picture (Vans x Liberty)

Then there’s this top that I bust out when I’m feeling fancy/need to feel cute and stylish. First worn in Feb 2013…
AW Shirt - Feb 2013
Photo by Sarie Cruz

… then again in May 2014.
AW Shirt - May 2014
Outfit #8 Details: Top (Alexander Wang)

And for my next trick! A three-time repeated outfit, first worn in January 2011…
Blue Dress - Jan 2011

(same day)
Blue Dress, Daylight - Jan 2011

… then again in February 2011…
Blue Dress - Feb 2011

… and then again in March 2011. I must have really, really liked this dress.
Blue Dress - March 2011
Outfit #9 Details: Dress (Mango), Belt (nicked from my mom), shoes in first pic (Rubi Shoes), shoes in second pic (Vans… I think?), shoes in third pic (???)

I don’t know what the point of this post is.

Actually, I kinda do. I was looking for outfit posts on my Tagged Photos on Facebook (because I am shitty at keeping track of outfits) to kind of try and define my personal style, and then I saw a pattern of repetition, and it became this post instead. I actually have a striped shirt (from Zara, but looks like it’s from A.P.C. lol) that has made many appearances, too, but there were too many that I got too lazy to keep track of them. So. Ahem.

My take-away from writing this is that a) it’s good that I wear things a lot because that means that I get a lot of mileage from what I paid for them AND that I don’t keep harming the environment by partaking in obsessive clothes buying and adding to potential waste, and b) that I probably won’t make me a great resource on personal style. I don’t think I’ve consciously defined my “personal style” just yet. I mostly just go by “OH THAT IS CUTE.” Lately, I’ve been looking at posts and resources on minimizing your closet, to kind of streamline my wardrobe (as you can see, mine is all over da place), so IDK. Let’s see what happens with the “style” angle of this place.

Although, I don’t know if you can trust someone who wears things that they actually make dog clothes of:
Photo by Sarie Cruz

Outfit #10 Details: Dress (Primark), Coat (New Look)

These days, I wear a lot of shorts/chino shorts (comfort!), button-ups, tights, and plain basic tees. For footwear, I opt for sneakers, mocs, and my only pair of boots—a pair of the Clarks Desert Graces. I’ve been trying to be better at shoes, though. I recently got some pretty brogues and some basic sandals. For bags, I mostly rotate totes… or Kanken backpacks (lol). For other accessories, I like dainty/simple rings, necklaces, scarves, my tiny watch, earrings (not dangling ones, usually). It’s all very simple really, but I kind of want to up my game, if you know what I mean.

Do you have a go-to outfit? Are you an outfit repeater like me? Do you care if people repeat their outfits? How long do you keep unworn clothes before giving/throwing them away?

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  1. Waaah major Ellen Page vibes! I’m an outfit repeater too! Especially if I liked an outfit that I managed to put together so much. I do like to rotate my shoes because I find that it can change the overall look of an outfit. LOL. I have quite a collection of Keds and flat shoes now. I’m ok with being an outfit repeater because I like that people associate the clothes to me. Like in Highschool I carry this aquamarine Benetton backpack and everyone knew it was mine. Superficial ba?

    Nuninuni… my clothes are given away when they no longer fit (heh) but I’ve been trying to look into my closet in a quartertly basis for clothes to give away..

    Again major Ellen Page vibes esp the photo of you while waiting for the Metro!!

  2. You’re so cuute! Hehe I’m an outfit repeater too, and I think it’s equal parts laziness and convenience, you know? Basics make life so much easier; even better are items that aren’t necessarily ‘basics,’ but work perfectly well with your existing wardrobe.

  3. It’s almost a necessity in themy corporate world to have repeated outfits, especially for someone who don’t have a bottomless wallet. I’ve started investing in outerwear so I can get more variation but it’s going super slowly. :/

  4. I love this post and your outfits! I repeat outfits too (especially when we travel–style is my last priority so I look the same in my travel photos lol), and I have my fave outfit based on the weather and activities, like “crafting/workshop”, “gig”, “buffet” (empress-style dresses for ultimate stomach space) haha.

    • HAHAHA yay for outfit repeating. 😀 I have mastered the art of hiding your gut, so I know what you mean about having a buffet outfit haha

  5. I am an outfit repeater too!! I live for basics, like plain (and striped) shirts, skinny jeans, and ballet flats!! I might hoard pieces from H&M’s basics range once it opens here in Manila. 😐

  6. I repeat outfits all the time. I simply don’t have the budget for a different outfit every day, so when I find a combination that works, I do it over and over again.

    I highly recommend the blog Into Mind (http://into-mind.com/) for helping in streamlining and defining personal style. She’s brilliant and her approach is very straightforward.

  7. This made me smile – I do the same thing! 🙂 Sometimes, I think I should have a calendar to write down which day I wore what outfit so, I don’t repeat around the same people. lol!

  8. I only have a handful of clothes and I wear all the time, like all my clothes can actually fit in one suitcase. It’s easier this way.

  9. I repeat outfits I really, really like! Haha, and lately I’ve been buying clothes of the same design but in different colors. Makes dressing up in the morning a piece of cake. 😛

  10. Haha you so cute, Carinz. I’m an outfit repeater too. I used to buy lots of clothes all the time pre-pregnancy but now, I find myself wearing the same outfits all the time. As in not even mixing and matching them like you do 🙂 Must learn that skill, though.

    • Have you tried perusing into-mind.com? it’s a great resource if you seriously want to downsize your wardrobe and mix and match 😀

  11. I think a lot of us are outfit repeaters. Gurlfraaan always yells at me for investing more on my makeup than my clothes. Hahaha

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