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The Nose Knows


Until quite recently, I hadn’t been particular about perfumes and colognes since I was in high school. I started wearing scents regularly when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, with my choices being increasingly masculine until I began wearing more feminine and fresh scents in high school. I suppose, it felt like sort of a ritual, a part of my everyday routine. It fell by the wayside when I had a jumbled up schedule in college. All of a sudden, I was always just scrambling to try and get to school on time.

LOL I actually finished off a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water in the fifth grade. Does anybody remember this scent? I wore this WAY before Sawyer did, though.

Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into wearing scents. For some reason—I’m not really sure what, but I’ve been gravitating towards certain smells. Here is a rundown of my favorites lately:

Diptyque Vetyverio — I fell in love with this scent while browsing Diptyque. I was originally looking for the rose scent, even if I’m not necessarily one for roses as an all-over smell. My hand wandered over to this one, and I’ve been hooked since. It can be a little overbearing sometimes, but it’s definitely one of my favorite scents lately.

LUSH Dirty — This is my perfect everyday scent. It’s crisp and fresh, like the opposite of its name. The only thing I hate about this is that it doesn’t push back down. Luckily, this scent comes in a spray form, too.

Marc Jacobs Daisy — I sprayed this on me in a Sephora many, many years ago, and I kind of really fell in love with it. My mother bought me a bottle a few years after that, and then my perfume-wearing fell by the wayside, so I haven’t touched it much since actively trying to wear more perfume. It’s a little bit too floral-y sweet for me sometimes, but I still do like to wear it occasionally. I love smelling it on articles of clothing, like my sweater or a scarf.

Here are some samples I’ve been really liking:

Commodity Moss — I liked this so much, I bought it in a 100ml bottle and a 10ml one that I could carry around with me always. This is definitely my favorite scent from my Commodity Fitting Kits—fresh and woodsy, but not heavy or overly masculine. Ever since running out of it (you get about 8 or so sprays in the fitting kits), I’ve been desperately waiting for my bottles. Update: I got them already!

Commodity Mimosa — This is another one of my favorites. Mimosa is tangy and sharp, with a little bit of citrus sweetness swilled into the concoction. It’s a beautiful, fresh and friendly scent and I can’t wait to wear it again.

Cartier Baiser Vole — I don’t even remember which order I got this sample from but I find myself rationing it. It’s a fresh, sharp smell that’s a cross between floral and a citrus. Apparently, it’s mainly made up of the smell of lilies.

Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne — I got this in a Glamour Box and I’ve been meaning to snag a full size of it. Again, it is a fresh, clear scent with hints of floral, but quite warm and bright.

Looking at the scent profiles of these scents, I realized that I gravitated towards scents that have bergamot, jasmine, some type of citrus scent, and woodsy notes. I tend to avoid anything overly floral or scents that heavily feature some kind of alcoholic heaviness. I initially thought it was amber, but I found it in some of my favorites as well, so it must be something else.

What are your favorite scents to wear?

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  1. I love your scent taste — so exotic 😀 Mine are the usual girly, citrus ones, which I need to grow up from! 😀

    • Aw, thanks Tara! Haha I can’t take super girly or floral scents, except for a select few/specific flowers; they don’t feel like me, somehow!

  2. I recently tried Maison Martin Margiela Replica’s “Lazy Sunday Morning” in Sephora and I fell madly in love with it. It smells exactly like its name: fresh clean skin and comfy sheets. I want a bottle so badly, but it’s $125 for 3.4 oz. I think I’m going to treat myself with it when I finish grad school. 😛

    • Yay, thanks for sharing! Yeah, I definitely have since scaled back on purchases after I went on a buying binge a few weeks ago.

  3. Perfumes are so darn pretty aren’t they. I actually don’t wear any on a daily basis because most scents give me a headache *sadface*.Thankfully I don’t smell, unless that’s something people aren’t telling me…

    • I have a trip to Lush this week and will be sure to check out Dirty! It has never occurred to me to take a whiff of their scents before. Thanks for the post Carina!

      • Omg, Dirty is SO GOOD. I also like Imogen Rose, Karma (sometimes, but it can be a bit overwhelming), Breath of God (I think?), and Lust!

    • Aw, I remember you’re sensitive about scents and fragrances in your products! I don’t smell either (haha), but I love smelling like something else, do you know what I mean? 😀

  4. I wasn’t really into perfumes until I discovered Viva La Juicy La Fleur by Juicy through a Birchbox sample. After I finished the sample, it became my “signature scent”, and I bought the largest bottle they made and a rollerball of the same scent. I also like Twirl by Kate Spade; even if it does remind me of some sort of cleaner. lol

    • Is that the one in a cute bottle? I quite like that too, I’ve been using my sample. 😀 I haven’t smelled any Kate Spade fragrances, but I’ll be sure to take a whiff of that when I find it 🙂

  5. Cool Waters + D&G Light Blue! Hehe Classic. So inggit with your Commodity Moss! I don’t need another perfume but gah, it sounds like I’d really love it!

    I just got a travel size of Burberry Brit Sheer and it’s super nice. Way better than Burberry Brit (which is already a fave) ❤

    • HAHAHA Moss is really a “me” scent, I love it so much. It was my favorite of the bunch, from the get-go. I have to go smell Light Blue… um for curiosity. I’ve only smelled Burberry Sport, I think. I like it a lot!

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