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Rounding Things Out: MAKE Colour New Medieval Palette

Just an interlude from the Wes posts (I’ll just be posting two more): an actual review! You know when you’re “not collecting” things, but you have one or two things missing from your “non-collection” and it just seems wrong not to get the last one? Well… That’s what happened here.

MAKE Colour, a New York based brand that I am pretty much in love with, currently has four palettes, three of which I already had… which left the New Medieval Palette. This was what I originally wanted when I discovered MAKE (though this was the only one they had out at the time, if I remember correctly), so I kind of had my heart set on it already anyway.


Check out my other reviews for the Aether Palette*, Post-Impressionism Palette, Celeste e Verde Palette*.

True to the direction of their other collections, this MAKE palette, created by Faye Toogood in collaboration with Ayami Nishimura, draws inspiration from specific sources, in this case the “Romantic landscapes” of J.M.W. Turner and John Constable. This is probably the only palette whose inspiration I can’t quite see translated perfectly and whose direction I’m not quite sure I can discern.

If you do a quick Google search of J.M.W. Turner’s and John Constable’s landscapes, you’ll probably run into a lot of greens and yellows. Although, I did find some pieces that may have translated to this palette, Turner’s work more so than Constable’s.

The Deluge ?exhibited 1805 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851
J.M.W. Turner’s The Deluge, source

Here’s a photo of the process, though, which I filched from We See Beauty. I think it clarifies the color selection for me. 🙂

I do agree with a comment that Auxiliary Beauty left on one of my other MAKE posts, though. I wish that some of those fun colors were eyeshadows instead of lipsticks!

All the MAKE palettes come in a white book-type packaging with a graphic sleeve. I love this one for the New Medieval Palette:
MAKE - New Medieval Palette

It comes with four matte eyeshadows and four matte lipsticks:
MAKE - New Medieval Palette - Pans
Square 1, clockwise from top left: Darkness, Cast Iron, Ultramarine, Woad
Square 2, clockwise from top left: Putty, Rust, Magma, Nude

It looks a little boring, but seeing them swatched all next to each other makes my heart sing:
MAKE - New Medieval Palette - Swatches

In order of the swatches, here are the color descriptions: Darkness is a sheer matte black, Cast Iron is a medium grey, Woad is a beautiful blackened navy (like a super dark denim), and Ultramarine is a cool cornflower blue.

For lipsticks, Putty is a muted eraser pink (!), Rust is a bright melon (surprisingly different from the pan), Nude is a… nude, and Magma is a volcanic warm orange.

I don’t know about y’all, but this is exciting to me. The lipsticks double up as pretty natural-looking cream blushes! It’s a little hard to be adventurous with the eyeshadow portion of this palette, but it can be done, my love. If you’re brave enough.

Here are a few looks, as always:

LOOK 1: Ultramarine as a liner, Magma as a cream blush, Putty as my lipstick!

LOOK 2: Ultramarine on inner 1/3 of lid, Woad on outer 1/3 of lid and outer half of lower lash line, Rust as my lipstick!
MAKE - Medieval Palette - Woad, Ultramarine, Rust

LOOK 3: Ultramarine, Woad on the lid with Cast Iron in the outer crease and Nude on the lips
MAKE - New Medieval - Face

I’ll admit—I didn’t know what to do with this palette at first, but I quite like it. I also got kind of pushed to wearing certain looks I’m not sure I’d have gone with had I not needed to make use of the shades in this palette. 🙂 I have to say that this is my least favorite of the four, though.

* PR Sample

All MAKE palettes are available for $40. 33.3% of all sales on We See Beauty is donated to the We See Beauty Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the cooperative movement.

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  1. Hmm, I’m not super into lip colors that have to be applied with a brush, but I love the idea of wearing these as cream blushes!

  2. Your posts about MAKE have made me start stalking their Instagram and the we see beauty website. The lip colors in the palette really out me off though, I know I definitely won’t use them 😦 loving the sultry colours in this one

  3. Hooray, you bought it! The lip colors are a lot brighter than I expected–I thought they’d be more brown, but they all seem clear and white-based and fresh-looking. Not sure this particular palette would be flattering on me, but the MAKE palettes are as useful as the NARS duos for giving me ideas for color combinations I wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

    By the way, I’ve been following your US adventures on instagram, and I was delighted to see you spent some time in my hometown of SF! I hope it treated you well. 🙂

    • Same 😀 I love seeing their process pictures, too!

      YAY! 😀 (Do you have instagram?? Am I already following it?) I LOVED SF! Thank you for being part of such a great place, lol. ❤

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